Course Material: Diploma in Dairy Technology (IGNOU)

IGNOU runs a 1-year course called Diploma in Dairy Technology (DDT) that costs Rs.10,600 to take. But the entire course material is available on its sister website eGyanKosh for free. You can register here and download any or all of the following courses here.

Courses & [number of files in each]

BPVI-013 Milk Processing and Packaging [31]
BPVI-014 Dairy Products – I [21]
BPVI-015 Dairy Products – II [31]
BPVI-016 Dairy Products – III [33]
BPVI-017 Quality Assurance [35]
BPVI-018 Dairy Management and Entrepreneurship [29]
BPVI - 011 Milk Production and Quality of Milk [11]
BPVI - 012 Diary Equipment and Utilities [36]

Also see other courses at School of Agriculture - IGNOU website (for info) or eGyanKosh (for course material)

While registering make sure to change the option in the first screen from “Student” to “General”.
It won’t register if you use student.