Costs and return on Ailanthus excelsa - (Mahanimb / Peemaram / Perumaram )

Hi, I am from small town called Mulanur in Tamil Nadu. My region is very dry and get annual rainfall of just 600 mm. I am planning to plant trees on my 5 acres land. After lots of research I zeroed down to Ailanthus excelsa ( Mahanimb / Peemaram / Perumaram ). If anyone already have experience on this plantation please help me on the below questions.

  • How many trees per acre is best? My bet is 12feet*12feet – 300 trees per acre
  • How many years after I can harvest?
  • What will be the yield and returns per acre?
  • If I consider drip/flood irrigation, how many days once I should irrigate? How much liters of water required per acre per irrigate?
  • What are the pest & disease risks?

Also I welcome any other plant suggestion for 600mm rainfall red soil land. I am not interested in Sandalwood & Red sandalwood because of security concerns.

Sir please go through the 5 layer model. (36 feet *36 feet).

Won’t this be good for Malaivembu ? It needs less water and can be harvested in 7 to 8 yrs for pull for paper Pl check with TNPL They even give you clones and buy back Just a suggestion Pl pardon me if you are not agreeable
to cloning but want Parambhara variety

But I am interested in Peru Maram cultivation

I have not farmed in acres but have more than 2000 trees planted in my 15 acre lands distributed in 3 places

I am an organic farmer cultivating paddy conventional varieties besides Ilundu and Groundnut

Have sugarcane plantation which I intend converting to fruits and timber trees

I am from Chennai We cd speak this week

Best wishes for yr initiative

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My neighbor planted Malaivembu (Melia dubia). It grew till 4 years and somehow it died after this time… This is same case for few others in my region. This might be due to very hot, dry & less humidity climate. I have seen Peemaram growing really well in my areas and also withstanding drought very well. My concerns is returns on this tree and demand for this after 8 years… if anyone have insights on this tree, please let us know.

Could you please elaborate the 5 layer model…

You can check this link for more details on 5 layer model, but as per your conditions, it may not work.

I hope your soil might be alkaline/saline-alkaline with calcareous soil (Sunnambu kal), which results in iron deficiency, and plants like Melia died by yellowing or whitening of young growing leaves due to iron deficiency. Do check the soil properties and select the tree species accordingly.

Hi all,

Can someone share or advise about growing trees that can fetch good returns. What about Melia dubia(neem) or teakwood likewise please suggest.

Tenure looking at 6-7yrs and we have reasonable water source



Based on my analysis on this agroforestry, Teak wood take minimum 20 years for irrigated farm and 30 years for unirrigated farm… Melia dubia and Ailanthus can be harvested in 10 years …cost and return should someone comment who have already cultivated and harvested…