Cost of Diesel Engine with Alternator

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  I would  really appreciate , If some  one  can  tell what would be the cost of  Diesel engine like field Marshall of 10 HP and  Alternator of  14 KV together . This requirement is  for  my 3 phase borewell motor of 5 hp  located at  280  feet depth .

Any  leads would be  highly appreciated


We had bought a Prakash 10.5hp diesel generator in Bangalore for Rs.65k.  Used it for 6 months before getting the electricity connection.  6hp borewell pump/motor worked well at a depth of 240feet.  For last year due to lack of rains, had to lower the borewell to 280 feet and now the generator seems to be heating up a little when used.

So, plan for a higher capacity one if you foresee water levels going down year over year.  If you have the need to lower the pump or go for a higher hp borewell pump in future, buying a higher capacity generator upfront one will help.

IS the price including the Dynamo ??? Also can  u give me the contact details of the shop from where u brought this ??

HOw much diesel does it consume in an  hour ?


Yes, the cost includes alternator/dynamo also.  It is taking 2.25 to 2.5 litres of diesel per hour.

I bought from this address:
Prakash Marketing
11,Sindhi Colony,JC Road,Bangalore-560002
(Behind VISL Building)
phone: 22483230

Dear all,

Never buy local assembled gensets as well as the Prakash Genset for regular and continuous usage. They are all substandard genset after three months , every two months, like EMI you have to cough for high maintenance costs because of those DG sets are have very high vibrations and substandard parts.

While buying the Gensets please discuss with the reputed companies genset dealers about your usage , understand the right selection /suitable kva genset then go ahead. Because , even operational load is less, but the pumps/compressors need starting current 3 times  more and you have to select the genset based on that load to avoid any damages to it further.

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  So can  you suggest  some known companies ??


Hi ajai,

you can go for as a first preference …Kirloskar…if u feel it is costliest…as a second choice can go for Mahindra,Ashok Leyland engines gensets…AVITEC  etc.,

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Brother Being it is a Life Time Investment in view of the Power Crisis you go far a Higher range taking into Consideration of Future needs.Don’t go for any Genset except Kirloskar or Greeves Cotton which are having the Proven Performance.Further out of the TWO Kirlosker is the Better ONE.

Hi Ajai,

I understand you are looking for DG and alternator for pumping 5hp pump.

Are you considering solar as option if viable? Solar powered pumping solution is maintenance free because of no moving parts and also importantly you can save the recurring expense on diesel.

Do get in touch for a brief discussion to see if our solutions fits your proposition.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems