Cost of bore well

Can someone please let me know the approximate cost to dig a bore well (about 500 ft)
including labor cost, pump cost?
This is for an area of 1 acre of cultivation of brinjal and drumstick (using precision farming).


Refer: … /#msg21332

Hope this might be helpful.


Thanks for the useful link.
So, based on your link, I came up with the following approximate cost.
Can you please recheck?

Labour for digging bore well - 50K
15 stage pump and 7.5 hp motor - 45K
Wire - 18K
Starter - 4K
GI Pipes - 3K
Misc - 7K
Labour for fixing pump - 3K

Total - Approx Rs 2 lakhs

Can the 7.5 hp motor be sufficient to irrigate 1 acre of land?
How long would the motor/pump last without any major problems?

Dear @dds
Lot of things vary like
Rigging/drilling ,in Karnataka it is Rs 85/feet till 300 200 feet above 200 it is 90 rs 300 feet 95,400 feet’s 100
So 200x85=17000
So rigging alone will be Around 45k
It is cheaper in andhra pradhesh
Now casing is around Rs 280-300 for metallic(iron) pipes
If casing is done for say 75 feet it will cost 21k

Motors and pumps
Texmo/unnati/cri/suguna/vguard all cost more
Texmo is best but costly
Go for local pumps with warranty

Other things like dhanashekar posted
GI pipes per length I(6mtrs) is 2000-2300
So for say 400 feet 20 length it is around 40k
Reliability of pumps n motors
Texmo has no dealer in my place (hassan)
But I used texmo motor n pump, used to be very disappointing under low voltage but at optimum voltage performance was great
Never had to repair 2 yeara
I changed to Local motor because of voltage problem (less than140 volts instead of 415) 2 years no problem so far
I have 5 acres of land. And am using 6 HP 12 stage
Borewell depth 300 feet
Casing 50 feet
Pump @ 260 feet
Pipes GI suryaprakash
Motor starter L&T
Share details after you install
Thank you


Please donot confuse every one the drilling prices you have mentioned never was there in karnataka.

Current prices are
upto 250 feet Rs. 47- 55/-
every 100 feet Rs. 10/- increment till 550 feet

550 to 950 feet it is Rs. 15/- to Rs. 20/- incrtement
Above 950 feet it is Rs. 100/- to Rs. 150/- increament

These rates are current rates. and how good negotiator you are.

Any one planning to drill well in and around Bangalore please talk to me I will get you best drillers at best rates.

Regards / Krishnaprasad


So to dig a bore well of 500 feet, the drilling charges
250X55 = 13,750
250X65 =16,250
Total - Rs 30,000
Is this correct?

yes and you have to add casing pipe length

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