Cost effective Farm Fencing ideas

I need to fence my 3 acre land in Mysore district.
I am new to farming and i have recently purchased the land.
I am looking for barbed wire fencing with Concrete or Stone poles.Need your advise on total costing / acre for fencing (cost breakup)

Alternatively kindly advise on tress which i can plant along the borders for live fencing, just in case barb wire fencing turn out to be expenssive

in case of live fencing try pineapple with 2 feet spacing. since it is season time, go to market and you can get the top portion of pineapple for free or nominal cost if bought in bulk. just keep the shoot in 1 inch water so that roots develop in 1 -2 weeks, then transfer to your land. they dont need much water & has thorns on leaves. once grown in 1 year, it will he hard to cross for people.


Expect to pay in the order of INR 100 per running foot of fence. It may be cheaper if you can get poles locally and avoid the transport costs.

Each cement pole/stone kadi costs around Rs 200 and you need to place these poles at a place of maximum 10 Feet.
Barbed wiring can be put in number of rows depending upon our affordability. Generally, 4 rows of barbed wiring can be wound around these poles.Cost of this wiring will be around Rs 50/Kg.
Approximate cost of fencing for 1 to 10 acres is given in the figure which you can refer.

i did solar fencing … for 2 acre… costed 1.1 lakh … in mysore there are solar fencing guys …
i am comparing this with above barbed fencing which is costing 1.4

note that solar fencing needs maintenance - weeds/shrubs shouldnt touch the wire… so constant deweeding required … else battery drains

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How high can it get and is it forever if we don’t harvest it…

How long these pinepappple plants survive once planted

2-3 feet high. they survive for many years & develop shoots too