Corporate style collective farming at Madhya Pradesh

Dear All,
I’m a Indore (MP) based chartered accountant, having experience in cultivation of field crops and vegetables at small scale as a part-time farmer.

Now I want to start a large-scale corporate farming venture in hi-tech & mechanised farming (similar to Kibbutz model of Israel).
I invite like minded people from all over India, particularly who want to join me as working (active) or sleeping (investing) partners.
Please share your contract details for further discussion.


Dear Mr.Vivek,

Good to see that people are taking farming seriously. I am also from Indore and will be interested in this venture.

Lokendra Singh

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Interested in the model–As I live in Chennai/Bangalore can be only a Passive investor if model interests me

Pl get back

Still you are looking? If yes let me know my email id is

Dear Vivek ,
we are a permaculture group in Europe with some teachers from India
our teachers group is promoting permaculture in tamilnadu, Karnataka and kerala. we have been organizing workshops and information exchange between farmers, institutes and communities.
we are keen on local development towards more sustainably managed resources with permaculture designing methods.
Our group can interact with your project for designing the project with permaculture principles. Please write us your views.

I am interested in permaculture in Tamilnadu

I have set aside around 75 Cents in a 1.75 acre farm about 100 kms from Chennai nearer to Pondy

I have been reading and need to plan --What are your models and how can I seek yr inputs

P N Subramanian-9840035099/