Corn seeds - non hybrid

These days roasted hybrid corn on the streets is not  tasteful compared to non-hybrid ones. I can still remember those days when I used to enjoy the roasted non-hybrid corn in our fields when I was kid twenty years ago. The non-hybrid corn that I used to eat is non-existent now and was replaced by all hybrids. I really do not know the scientific name of that non-hybrid corn that was grown twenty years ago in Andhra Pradesh.  I am just wondering if it is possible to find seeds of that variety of corn(at least few) anywhere.

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is the corn sticky while you consume and also sweet, not very large. and having two three colors in a corn cob.

The corn was sweet and small.  But it was not sticky, it did not have multiple colors. Please let me know at least this local variety name in your mind and place where I can try.



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