Coriander Cultivation

I am planning to cultivate a few acres of Coriander in my farm near Tenkasi, in Southern Tamil Nadu. I am writing to seek expert opinion of members in FarmNest forum on Coriander Cultivation. The soil is loamy clay with pH of 7.2. Water availability is good and we plan to irrigate using rain gun. The plan is to sell fresh coriander leaves. I have the following queries

• What is the best high yielding coriander variety
• What is the total crop duration
• We are planning to plant coriander in late January, early February when it is hot weather in our locality. Is it a good season to plant
• What are normal coriander crop yields

I shall appreciate hearing back from FarmNest expert members


Krishnan P S

Clay soil should be ok, but i don’t think they like the hot weather. This is one of the very few crops that like the winter

Here is a recent article in Pasumai Vikatan about it, Since you mentioned Tenkasi, hopefully Tamil is ok. … campaign=1

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Dear IKP68,

My personal feeling is that rain gun may injure the coriander crop at least when they are still tender during the first month. So take expert opinion before investing on rain guns. Based on other forum experts’ opinion you may consider mini or micro sprinklers instead. You may have to consider and understand some technicalities in order to use mini/micro sprinklers i.e., longest distance of lateral pipe, diameter of lateral pipe, number of sprinklers per each line of lateral, number of laterals per valve, input pressure, discharge etc.


Guru Prasad