Converting Waste/Dry Land to Farm Land

There are many blogs n literature available on Net for Agri/Developed land but i could’nt find much info on developing dry land for farming, though i found some so called consultant either they make false claims or charge more for there expertise.
Lets share our experiences and ideas so that a beginer can utilise them.
Any comments/suggestions/experiences are highly welcome.

Best Regards

yes. you are right. agriculture is not blog. it is a life experience in the field. one who spends himself in the filed only can understand it.
then the question is how to do it. agriculture in India has taken an indifferent face. it is almost next to impossible to do farming. this is the truth.

Hi AbdulMoyeed. That is exactly the intention of this forum - to help free flow of information and allow sharing of knowledge. It would be certainly great if even a handful of farmers benefit from such sharing. I agree partly on the consultants part - some consultants have a nice mix of commercial and helpful sides - an example is the post by Mr. srivinayakatvm on dairy, which gives helpful basic advice to dairy farmers. But yes, some consultants might not even talk without a fee.

Yes, practical experience together with the theory is what leads to success. But why do you say agriculture in India has taken an indifferent face?
I am sure there are many avenues for profitable farming. Don’t you agree?

Best thing is to natural farming as advocated by Fukuoka and to start with Subash Palekar’s zero budget farming also is good. Basically all these stress on heavy mulching and mixed cropping. There are some specific methods given by Dhabholkar by cultivating different legumes,grains,spices,oil seeds etc…and then mulching them back.


really a good initiative. as i am new in this field i am trying to gather information related to this topic. hope to find some
abdul hameed
tanjore  tamilnadu

Hi Abdul,
    you could find out lot of info regarding converting barren/dry land to fertile land on the net.
Please check  a inspiring journey towards organic farming .

If you need some more info do let me know . As of now I have only theoretical pointers, since still am not in to the farming .

Hope it helps.

Ok, Mr abdul ,

lets seriously work on your initiative now , lets not stray too far from original question , Ok ?

Farming in Dry land !

thats it , No prob , its not a rocket science , do you know a small country called isreal , do you know how big is the country,
and do you know how many % of its land is arable, ? and also do you know how much agro produce they export daily to international market, ( find out yourself).

Lets stop complaining and find results, Scientifically . thats all.

and Please put forward in full and exact fine details about your dry land, availability of all resources , i mean all ,
like a ) electricity , water , climate , rainy season period , wind season , labour ,investments,  type of crops you have in mind , during dry season how much water can you get or not ? and all other extra infos, you feel can contribute to establish this farm,


Ramprakash L Chandra


You will be glad to know that dryland farming has its advantages

  1. It is a lot cheaper to procure
  2. Less effect of high input agriculture thus least residue of pesticide and less time required for conversion
  3. Organic manure improve the fertility and water retention capacity of poor soils of drylands (at a faster rate)

Please read this following articles

The potential for organic farming in the drylands of India … l#benefits

Agronomic Measures in Dryland Agriculture: An Overview

Dryland Farming and Watershed Management … GRO102.pdf

Dryland Agriculture … ulture.htm

PS: There is a lot of information available on the net on this topic, type in “organic dryland farming India” or “dryland farming india” or “dryland cultivation india” on google


Hi Abdul,

Please provide the requested info’s , atleast tell us the location of your said farm,
maybe we can google the further details, ourselfs,

thanks ,

i trust nothing is impossible nowadays .

Hi Abdul?
How are you what is the status on agriculture in dry land?
Have you got any good results? What are all crops growing now in your land?
Can you come back with latest developments?
Are you need further more informations if any?