Controlling rats / mice in the field without poison - organic recipe

Mice are not a problem in small numbers but if you have a rat infestation in your farm, managing it can be quite a challenge. Using rat poison in a farm can be dangerous as it may affect ground water and even get into the crops. It’s particularly challenging if you’re an organic producer.

The following recipe kills mouse without using poisonous substance. It was given by a successful manufacturer of organic fertiliser with distribution across north India. He says it’s quite effective. You can try it at home.

Mix one part corn meal (maize flour or makki ka aata) with one part sugar and one part cement. Keep it in a plate or something at a place frequented by mice. Eating the mixture will make the mouse thirsty, so keep some water close to this in a tumbler from which a mouse may be able to drink. After drinking water the cement will set in the intestines and kill the mouse after sometime.

Please use this only if you have an infestation that’s affecting productivity. Mice can be harmless if they are in small numbers.

Here I suggest how to control rat or more correctly bandicoots (or gopher the American) with a trap and not organic poison. I used a Jaw Rat Trap (Black Cat made by Bhadra Industries). The upper Jaw is toothless and in the form of an inverted U.

A jaw (toothless) mousetrap on the ground did snap on the gopher, but he thrashed about, pulled out his head and walked away. This happened twice. The lesson learned was that the bandicoot should not be allowed to thrash about on the ground but should be lifted into the air.  In this new mousetrap, the trap and the trapped gopher are pulled up into the air. Let the gopher thrash around in the air, he cannot get any traction to pull his head out.

And it worked!

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