Control Crows

We are having trouble with crows in our farm, they are becoming big nuisance from 9 am to 5 pm, standard working hours.
Please give solution if any to discourage them. At anytime, there will be atleast 60-70 around my shed and I have tried techniques like tying CDs for light reflection, silver ribbons, even managed to get hold of some dead crows which died by touching the electric line and tied them around, but it works only for couple days, then same situation.
Waiting for solution.


They are getting good food near your shed, check for the source.

They are eating the fodder that we give to cows, as well as the feed. Our fodder is mainly maize, so they come and take the chopped up cobs.
I cant control the feed storage, is there any other deterrent ?


Why can’t you fence the shed? How large is it? There’s been a lot of discussion about cost and types of fencing. Check past discussions.

Sorry, read “crows” as cows and thought stray cows were the problem, therefore suggested fencing.

For protection from crows, consider using a bird net / mesh of some kind to protect the shed. Many variations are available in the market and they are not too expensive. You can also get them custom made to your specs.


How about trying with scarecrows or birdnets? 

Most of the bird deterrents won’t work permanent as once they find it not to hurt them they wwon’tbe scared anymore.

Shouldn’t birdnet be permanent solution unless if you face practical difficulty to put one.


Aren’t we so occupied by cows?! I continue to find it difficult to read it as crows even the tenth time on the thread.  :wink:

P.S. added a pic to first post

Confusing language…

Not understanding,

Thanks for picture. :slight_smile:
Ok, the problem is my shed is 100 feet by 70 feet by 20 feet height, to cover such a large boundary is going to be costly. Also, we have multiple sheds.
I am trying 2 solutions.

  1. Control food and fodder so that only cows will eat and finish before the CROWS come.
  2. I am going to use air gun to maybe drive them off, lets see if that works.

We had only 10-20 before, looks like they have invited their relatives and now they are more than 50- 60 at anytime.

Thanks for suggestions. If anything else strikes, please post here.

Will dogs help? I suspect a huge bunch of crows can scare off a lone dog, but a couple of dogs should emerge stronger.

I remember my grandma used to stock ‘onion bombs’ (the Diwali ones that blast on hitting a hard surface) to throw at crows from far, but I am not sure how they may affect the cows.


Try some crow like structure made by dark black cloth’s and hang them around the farm?


Since Diwali is just past, why don’t you buy small crackers to scare crows. They scare from firecrackers a lot. I am talking about fire crakers which comes in pack of 100 and shape is thin cylinderical shape. It comes around 30-40Rs per 100 pc.

@niksnarayana :

  Can you try to get a bunch of cats and make them live in the vicinity which is more affected by crows. Almost all the birds are scared of cats and they will not want to come to a place where cats roam around. Cats can be useful even for the control of rats.


We have 3 dogs, no use. They are happy sleeping around. Same for cats, whenever cats come out, the crows make lots of noise and then drive it away.
My dogs, cows, cats, baby boy are all scared of crackers, so no no.

I am trying with air gun, just bought one last week online, practicing with it. Seems to be working, till now no crow casualty, but they are avoiding coming near me.

Lets see.