Contract Poultry(Suguna) v/s independent poultry

Wondering what is better - Contract Poultry with someone like Suguna or independent poultry ?

I am sure there might be monetary differences - any inputs would be appreciated

Should novices look towards contract poultry ?

I have a 5 acres farmhouse plot and was thinking about using about an acre for poultry. Trying
to understand which is a better option. My prior experience is zero in this trade, but have been
reading lots of material. Planning to develop about 10000 sq ft of structures for broiler farming.

Please provide inputs on what option might suit my situation better.

Also if monetary aspect of option can be highlighted then it would be very helpful.

If someone is looking to work as a Poultry Farm Supervisor for salary or profit sharing, then pls
contact me too.


Dear amind,

My suggestion would be to take up contract farming for at least 1 Year to get to know the grind and then carve out separately.  The reason I suggest is you have no experience and only have theory knowledge.  Please do consider the marketing before you start on your own.

Also, if you directly want to start, start on a small scale like 500 or 1000 chicks before making it big.  God forbid, if your knowledge or management or marketing is very poor, at least the downside can be limited to some extent.

Best of Luck!!! and keep posting on the updates.


Dear Amid,
Ganeshan Advice is Good. 1st go for contract farming so that you can get complete idea about Poultry such as weight gain, Food Conversion Ratio, Diseases, Labour problem and vision of people of Sugna, Venkatesh, Mayuri and many other Hatcheries.
Another thing this line is un unstable as big players in market increase or decrease the rate of chicks, feed and chicken according to their convineince and by this all small farmers with 2000- 5000 Chicks will be destroyed or ruined.

We are basically in both poultry and Goats and so we know how the big players are playing in the market.
Dont worry we will help you

thanks for both the responses. It has been very helpful.

Based on all the feedback and the discussions on other forums,etc
poultry does not seem like a good venture. And if one is a smaller
operator (<10000birds) then not a good place to be.

Contract might minimize some of the risk factors, but seems to reduce
the revenues.

If not poultry, is Goat breeding,fishery or any other animal husbandry
activity worthwhile as something to do if you have spare agricultural land ?

Looking for some feedback from fellow forum-vaasi


Dear amind,

I do not know the land holding you have.  But my suggestion would be to go for Nati /Desi Chicken as this will give you good revenues with minimal care.

All over the world, the consumers are moving towards free range chickens.  This being the case, once the awareness about this in India grows, you will have a good chance with Nati / Desi Chicken and also the profitability is high.

Also, if you need any information on fisheries, I have some idea.  Please let me know.


Dear Sir,
Let Amit Study the market and check whether there is demand for Desi or Coloured Birds or White Broilers or Coloured BROILERS and than accordingly he can take decision.
Nowadays all the people are used to taste of Broiler and they are not demanding country chickens.

on the other hand country chickens grow slower than Broilers and Coloured Birds.
what weight we get in 42 Days in Broliers we will get in 3 Months in coloured birds and 6 Months in Desi chicken.
in Broliers Motality is Higher than coloured chickens and Desi

Can someone pls explain the monetary difference between Suguna v/s independent poultry.

Assuming that a poultry farm based in the outskirts of Mumbai with capacity of 10000 birds
is managed well and best
practices are implemented. In such a scenario pls help me understand
the below economics…

How much would a bird fetch(per kilo) through a Suguna contract ?


How much would a bird fetch through independent poultry ( heard feedback that birds are
being bought by traders at Rs 45-50 / kilo. Seemed low to me )

Not actuals, just looking at estimated numbers.


Dear amind,

The best option is to find out those who have contract farming currently or previously and who will provide the actual information without any bias.

I saw the Contract Farming / Corporate Farming is discussed in Agricultural Information magazine (current edition).  Get a hold of this copy and understand what it says.


Dear Amind,
With Sugna Contract or any independent Contract you can know exactly how much profit you get only after doing 5 baches for  a period of 1 year.  out 5 batches in a year, in 2 you will get minimum profit or no and in next 3 batches you can get more. if you add all 5 and take average you will get rspectful profit but take care of the Mortality,

Dear Amind,
I am from Thane and at the same time i have small farm of poultry(capacity 2000) and have also developed fisheries is some 1.5 acres of land. I think we should meet and talk as to i can help you for exploring your bussiness accordingly,keeping in mind your Land ratio and investment. I know some expert whom can help you. Just i want to know Where is your land located and how much land do you have. You can contact me in the given No. 9970690788/9765533214 or even mail me to
Expert can help you for what type of land do you have and what will be the better option for you.


how i contact you pls give me your mobile contacts

Hi All,

I have been getting lot of calls related to Suguna Poultry.  To help the people with basic information, I am providing the contact details of Suguna Poultry.

Contact Number: 1-800-103-4343 (Toll Free Number)

If you need more details, please get in touch with me.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear All,

I have collected more information on Suguna Poultry and if anybody needs this, please drop me a mail only.


I have 4.75 acres of land in my children’s name. In contract farming besides the contract , do we have joint venture system where-in the land is mine and the shed construction etc is taken care by others ??

i too have been doing some research for contract poultry.
the land + setup + running cost are mine, the company provides the chicks, a regular guider, and buy the produce back from you.

there might be other offers by various companies also. just thought would tell the only thing i know about contract poultry farming.

Hi anjana,

The contract farming related to poultry has several variations and combinations that I have heard of.  As I said in my previous posts, I have some basic details related to Suguna (Broiler) Poultry and if you wish you can send me a mail (or talk to me).

Related to your question, generally the farmer is expected to have “The Land+Shed+Utensils(Water Feeder+Feed Tray+etc)+Deep Litter Materials (like Groundnut Shells+Rice Husk+mud+etc)+Electricity+Water+Labour+etc”.

I noticed you have 4.75 acres land and I am sure you will not be utilizing the entire area for poultry and keen to me what other things you are doing or planning to do besides poultry.

Thanks…based on the offer letter by the companies loan is also available for construction of shed etc however I was wondering whether companies also come out and help…

Excellent Advice -  can you also suggest us some line of business for Goat Farming ?