Contract farming

Hi All,

Any leads for contract farming ???

Please provide me with contact details

Thanks in advance.

Yes .There is a Farm of 12.5 acres with 6 free power submersible pumpset.The farm never had pesticides or herbicide for the past 20 years and only minimum use of fertilisers but gives normal yield as others get.You can reachout and get det details at you contact mobile and your area of residence

Venkatesan here my cell no 9962306633plcall sir

Contract farming concept is in a moratorium state in the current devastating coronavirus pandemic !
Slashing of RBI repo rate –indication of recession .
FM 1.7 lakh cr package to NRGEA towards rural employment and food security – a clear shift of focus from urban to rural
RBI liquidity push – borrow and sustain …Government helpless to help !
Fleeing of migrant work force from cities …extreme shortage of odd job workers
And some 20 plus more …straight forward Govt of India think tank decisions to understand India’s economical scenario .
For non-economists, knowing if the economy is headed for growth or decline makes a huge difference for their decision-making. If growth is expected, businesses will continue to invest and expand, and consumers will continue to spend and borrow. If a recession is expected, both businesses and consumers will shift into reverse and curtail investing, spending and borrowing.
Consumer spending amounts to roughly one-thirds of economic activity worldwide. If anxiety endures and people are reluctant to spend, expansion will be limited and consumers certain behavior patterns are going to change, if not forever at least for a long while…how long can’t assume …
It’s time for developing community enterprise to susutain and survive .
Fair trade practice …right from the stage of production , post harvest value addition to market.
It’s time to support a resilient, local, just and regenerative URBAN FARM food system in a group , keeping aside individual interests and personal monetary gain .