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Hello sir/mam,
We are group of farmers from jhansi(U.P.)India .mainly grow wheat, basmati paddy,pulses,vegetables(whole year),etc.Our climate is good for all types of crop like medicinal crop and oil crop .Our town is situated at jhansi- kanpur national highway(15 Km. far from jhansi Rly.station) near river bank, so we have lots of irrigations and transportation fascilities.We have good fertile agri land, well farming equipments/machines,tube wells,16-18 hours power supply, net fencing around agri land with guest house for stay. About more than 2000 acre land farmers are interested in contract farming/PPP Model farming/organic farming. So we invite any agri business organization  for doing above mention farming with us…
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contract farming has not worked at all in india. if you have a group with 2000 acres then you shuld do yourself. from scratch to the final conclusion. that is the best. others may not work at all

Rahul - Is the land already acquired and under your possession? Also how much of the 2000 acres is contiguous land or is it spread all over?

your idea of having contract farming with 2000 qcres is good. what is your problem . finanance. forma cooperative society or you can form a limited company. bank will lend to limited companies easily. even cooperatives will get loans. dont go for chemical fertilisers. produce your own vermicompost and use mostly organic. produce such items which can be exported to other countries. then marketin will not be a problem. start diary farm too simulatieously and as a coup[le of big cities are in the surroundings you can market milk easitly. otherwise you can produce UHT milk which can be sole in J&K assam and other north eastern placeses where milk is not avialable. dont use pesticides and intead use organic items like neem oil pancha gavya etc.
you will succeed if your people accept the terms and consditions and remain united.

can anyone estimate the amount of vermicompost, neem oil/cake etc , milk, ghee etc required for 2000 acres of organic farming? is it possible? can we make manure out of food products like milk, ghee etc which are already in short supply?

[b]Dear Mr. Rahul,

Availability of 2000 acres of land in a single cluster is really good.  U can contact us with your detailed proposal.  We re Hyderabad based agri consultnats, with wide contacts with farmers, procssing industires, instituiriosn etc.,  We will provide solid soutions for generation of wealth. 

Raghu Ram
Sampada Farms & Consultants[/b]


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Dear All,

In Gujarat  DFV (Desai  Fruits &  Vegetables), Navsari  is  interested in Contract Farming G-9  Banana.

They are exporting to Middle East & European countries. Visit website

Plse contact DFV  and  let them know your interest.

Thank you
good Luck

Iam from Karnataka and wants to share my knowledge with you.

Please do not wait for someone to up lift you, you are the builder of your own fate my brother farmer. Our brother farmer have already implemented their innovative scientific methods and got results in their fields which way may not know. Why can’t we go and meet that farmer who achieved and share his knowledge? We can do it.

Necessity is the mother of invention, therefore since knowledge is required for us hence we can travel and have visit to achievers and get guidance, training and discuss for clarifications.

Why we should wait someone including government to serve, We should be self-dependent,. Our ancestors lived independently, they managed to have their seeds stock, and growth promoters locally and they were the consultants to each other, got help, and benefited happily.

Inviting MNC is nothing but we surrendering them forever please note. Who are working in MNC’s? Our children only. Talent is available with us, but we do not know how to utilize them. We can bring the hidden knowledge by way of touring and knowing and encouraging.

Any business house will exploit you please note. We our self itself can do processing of our produce. Model farms are already existing, but in few numbers. Now we need to realize sustainability in agriculture and should immediately start innovative farming practices. Seed innovator and seed banker Chandrashekar Sing from Varanasi,Ramsharan Singh from Barabanki innovated short term Banana, Rajpal Singh from Saharanpur invented peach based farming system, Gopal singh from Kannouj invented new method in Roses cultivation and many more talents are their near to you.

If you will not produce agri commodity properly, no one will get good market. Unless and until farmers do marketing, no one will give profit to him. Green revolution made farmers worst and dependents, do our ancestors used fertilizers and pesticides. They used local solutions for problems instead of fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers are willing to do consultancy if we approach.

Dear friends, farmers are failing because of marketing. Why farmers allow others to market our produce? Why can’t we sell our produce our self without allowing middlemen? Within the village itself Growing, processing and marketing can be distributed within the farmers to avoid middlemen and get retain profit in villages itself? Farmer tour to innovative farmers field. Adopting diversification in farm production, Sharing knowledge. Executing same knowledge for processing and making value addition to agri produce, finally doing marketing on our own will uplift our farmers please note. During my last visit, I noticed that tree plantation in some parts of UP is not up to the mark. Please note planting one tree will serve you and your decedents, therefore go for more plantation to get more rain, cool climate, more productivity in your farm.

It remember me a olden song sign by our fame actor and the then chief minister of tamil nadu Mr.MGR saying that the farmers who produce the food lives without dress and the person who market the food lives with silk dress. the main problem is, now the farmers educate their childrens in computers (IT) and send them to city. why don’t educate in agri and deveop the business into the internation the sky is open every one to market their product anywhere in the word fine come to the point

I am shajath from salem,  tamil nadu planning to start a organic food shop to supply the good quality to the indians after seeing the progrm in TV showed by AMIRKHAN satyameva jayade.  Go for organic agri products i can feed the goods to the indians call me 09150459763 or

First meet Farmers to get good agri produce to sell.