Continuous yield in tomato in precision farming

The tomato cultivated in precision farming kept producing flowers and fruits more than a year until the price fell down to Rs.1 per kg …

The farmer Mr. Siddalingaiah  at Nagamangala hobli in Mandya district cultivated indeterminate hybrid tomato … When the tomato yield started declining , he just withheld irrigation for one week and when half of the leaves in plants wilted and fallen down , he gave 19:19:19+MN water soluble fertilizers and triacontanol spray , the tomato plants all came alive spurting with enormous flowers and started producing more fruits …he harvested 48 MT in 0.6 acre of land …His income was 3.84 lac …An appropriate cultivar with good management practices followed by poor farmers in mandya district in karnataka even now set a good example for other farmers  in India

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Hi Ramu sir

Can we apply the same theory for Hot Pepper and Chillies also???

I cultivate Hot Pepper and after six months we stop harvesting as harvest is too low…

will it give a better yield???

Thank you

Dear friend Mr.Duminda
The same theory can be applied here also .Tomato , Brinjal and chilli are belonging to same night shade family . In tomato indeterminate type ( continuous growth pattern ) exist .Hence we can keep the plant growing year long .In brinjal also we can extend the harvest until 11-12  months duration - in such a way that the yield increase in the increasing rate upto 5  months and there after decrease gradually  like 6 MT in the second month after planting , 14 MT in 3rd month, 18 MT in 4th months , 20 MT in 5th Month, 12 MT in 6th month, 7  MT in 7th month, 5 MT in 8th month, 4 MT in 10th month, 3 MT in 11th and 12th month …

Where as in chilli the crop attain maturity in about 6 months and there will be no further  increase either in growth or yield after this period of maturity and yield is also limited . You can harvest 12-14  MT per acre at the maximum in chillies provided you use high yielding varieties like NS1701 ,US611,US612,Indam-5 .All you have to is to harvest all the yield within 6 months time by good cultivation practices

In case of sweet pepper there is a plenty of opportunity to increase yield manifold for about 10-11 months duration as indeterminate type exist in sweet pepper .

Chilli fertilizer recommendation - 48-32-32 kgs of NPK per acre

Percentage of nutrient application in different growth phase

Transplanting to establishment phase ( 10 days ) N- 10%,P-20%,K-10%
Flower initiation to fruit set ( 11-40 days ) -N-30%, P-60%,K-20%
Fruit set - first picking ( 41-70 days ) -N-30%,P-0%,K-20%
Harvest stage - ( 71-180 days )- N-30%,P-20%, K-50 %

See the trend of nutrient use pattern in chilli that needs more phosphorus in the initial period and more potash during  maturity and consistent  supply of nitrogen in all the growth stage

To produce 1 MT of green chilli or bell pepper the plant needs 3-3.5 kg of N, 0.8 -1.0 kgs phosphorus and 5-6 kgs of potash …

Thanks a lot sir…

Hello sir,

Can you please let me know, which indeterminate tamato variety is this.also please let me know best varieties available and suited for red soil.

Thanks Arjun

Dear Arjuna
This is naveen indeterminate hybrid tomato , product of Indo -American company . You can consult your seed dealer in your area for picking up your choice hybrid whether determinate or indeterminate , Indo -American or any other company . Red soil is suitable for tomato cultivation . However choice over hybrid type depends on prevailing climate in your area .If climate suitable for tomato in your area is short say , 3-4 months , then better choose determinate high yielding tomato like Arka Rakshan .If prevailing climate is far well continuing beyond 6 months then go for determine type .However cultivation in costly protected structures like polyhouse may require you to go for indeterminate type
Wish you all the best

Thanks Ramu for details, I have bought Arka Rakshak tomato variety seeds just now, as I am completely into pomogranete cultivation from past 3 years, and new to this vegetable farming will go with determinate variety till I gain some expirence.

I have spoken to few buyers at my local market regarding Arka Rakshak , I have got 50:50 chances of selling here at local market i.e Hospet market and Davengere vegetables market.

Fingers crossed, will be giving seeds at nursey soon. I will be cultivating this as open field method.

Transplanted Tamoto Sagar F1 Hybrid variety, 24 days old from nursery. 5 days in field.
Manure - around 6 tons.
Ploughs - 2 times and once rotovator after applying manure.
Watering - once in 3 days as of now.

This was barren land from past 15 years.
No other nutrients were used due to various reasons.

Request moderators to move it to appropriate thread if needed.

Thanks Arjun

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Dear Ramu sir
In guntur dist AP generally hot pepper is large cultivarion area. Till four years back there was good yield per acre ie 4 Mt.but since four years sudden drop of yield due to gemini virus . Only teja veriety could able to resist decease to some extent. What kind of measures farmer could follow to control .

Dear Reddy
Guntur has been a biggest chilli market in Asia . It is quite natural to witness the yield reduction and succeptibility to pest and disease when grown monocrop in large area over many yeas continuously .
Virus are carried through seeds itself , sucking insects pest like whitefly , aphids and mites .
An effective way to check this problem is as follwws
1.seed treatmemt with insecticide called imidachloprid
2.Nursery treatment with carbofuron or phorte
3.Neem seed kernal extract spray both in nursery and mainfield
4.Weed free clean cultivation
5.Roguing of plants that are found infected / damaged due to seed borne virus .

As you know , the virus can be checked but not controlled . And virus does not move out on to other plants by itself .It is just being carried by insect vectors from infected plants to healthy plants .so by controlling insect vector by chemical spray we can check the spread of virus .

Dear Mr. Ramu,

Do you have an idea about growing color capsicum in green house? I am interested in growing the same in place near Mumbai.

specially without using soil. i want to grow in cocopeat as medium and liquid nutrients. Will you be able to help in the this?


Yes it is kind of an open emded hydroponics cultivation system to grow color capsicum in cocopeat ,


would be of great help if you can guide me in growing them in 12 x 40 hoop house. This is on trial basis. once succeed in getting proper cultivation, will swith to full fledged polyhouse in 1 acre.

please do help.

Hello Ramu,
By practicing precision farming, how many percentage of disease free yield can be produced approximately in an acre?