Contact for Borewell Recharge

I have a 12 acre farm in Nampally Mandal, Nalgonda. One my bore seems to have become dry. There are no bores around the farm upto 500 mts radius. Please can help with a contractor or contact to get a borewell recharge done.

Heard about GroundWater Recharge GWR but not about Borewell Recharge.

It’s not borewell recharge I think, it’s by the help of pressure it tries to clean the possible water ways that brings water into the borewell. Kind of silt removal.
I am not sure if there’s anything like Borewell recharge.
Borewell recharge can also be way to recharge bore using excessive monsoon water, digging surrounded things- add stone and gravel(work as filter) then inject water into borewell.

did you find any vendor?

No not yet

Yes it is Ground water recharge.

Any local civil contractor can make it as per the drawing attached . you can also click the hyperlink to learn more about borewell recharge methodology

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Create a percolation pit near the borewell of size 4 ft by 4 ft and a depth of 6 ft and completely cover the pit with gravel of different sizes.

You need to divert the rainwater to the percolation pit and this way it will increase the groundwater level.