Confused between banana and papaya

Hi Guru’s

I am new to farming, want to try with banana or papaya, I have 2 Acre land its 20km from Tumkur, karnatka. we have 1.5 inch water. please suggest me which crop is good ?


If planning for tissue culture banana and chemical farming(via drip), you can consider G9 banana.  However I have experienced papaya responding well for natural/organic farming - yields are good.

Do check your available market as well before deciding crop.  Banana is easily marketable - even 1 bunch can be given to broker and you will get wholesale market price, while it is difficult to sell papaya in small quantities unless we ourselves do direct marketing.

i am planning to follow natural farming (… is this method suitable for banana ? is any one done this ?

If you have good source of water plant banana and if water scarcity exists plant papaya.Do not follow palekar’s model if you want good crops.He is less knowledgable in this field.Good organic manure will produce quality crops and if you follow palekar model,bananas which are ready within 14 months may take 18 to 20 months to start fruiting with poor quality crops.Rest you are the best judge for your future.