Composting the kitchen waste-an easy aid for terrace gardners-Bokashi compost

For terrace gardeners here is a way to compost kitchen waste. This is a odor free, eco friendly way. Few bangloreans are already doing it see below link for more information … y-bokashi/
bokashiwastemanagement.blogspot. … sting.html

and some videos

you can find N number of videos on you tube search with “bokashi composting”

Sadly there seem to be no big takers for this system because of the drawbacks like… you need to wait for 2 weeks for the compost bin to be full and then another 2 weeks to bury it. People are having tough time acquire an SFT of land in bangalore, let alone the land to bury it.  :sunglasses:

45 days is most quickest time ever i have come across to generate a compost. Is there an alternative?

If there is no land available you can do that in a bigger box too, only box have to be filled with soil(half of soil and half of bokashi treated food waste)

second you dant have to wait. you need to have multiple buckets, once the bucket is filled, it goes for rettention and new empty bucket will get foodwaste. This works like a batch production. See @ 23.1 min of above video also see attached PDF and also see videos in the last page.

Our member Subramani is collecting some information, we will wait what he finds out.

Subramani: thanks for helping hand.
bokashi-compost.pdf (3.61 MB)