Comparison of cost between roofing sheets for Poultry

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I am constructing a conventional poultry shed for 1000 square feet, and now have to fit a roof.

While searching internet different types of roofing sheets are available, and I can not guess the approximate cost per square feet.

Pls share your ideas about the low cost roofing sheet covering more area.

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You can get bill of materials at

Why dont think of having iron frame and tiles? both have resale value and rate apprciates. Iro you can get from scraps bu body building companies.

One rule of thumb for cost of roof at current prices is Rs 100 per square foot of covered area.

Rudra Nevatia
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Kindly explain:

Frame material
Is this calculation with iron repears or metal frame or crude acreca tree split stripes

Roofing material:
Is this with  burnt clay tiles or zinc sheets or asbestos sheets or grass thach

Is this for turn key or labour contract

The roof structure is made of rectangular steel tubes for rafters and galvanized trapezoidal sheet for roofing. Fabrication of this type of roof is simple, mostly using screws and bolts.

Insulation and drainage layer is required on top which may be as cheap as mud+straw+cowdung and/or clay tiles.

It is also possible to cover the roof with a soil layer for a green roof.

Please see attached images.

Rudra Nevatia
Mo: 09820758513

The rates of the roofing sheets varies according to the types and quality that you prefer… for poultry form I suggest to choose pre-coated roofing sheets or just check out this link that may help u