Common cover crop names in telugu


Would anyone be kind to share the common names of cover crops which are used in the telangana region?

I am looking for names like black velvet bean, clover etc. The more the better


Hi Shiv,
Here is the list of most popular green manure or cover crops.

Janumu (Sunn Hemp)
Allasandha (Cow Pea)

Jillugu better suited for paddy fields and rest can be used in all kind of fields.

Of all these Jannumu gives you more organic material and has most vigorous growth.Can also be used as fodder for cattle when dried and stored.


Thanks hari. Appreciate the info.

Would anyone know of clover or alfalfa?


Alfalfa is called as Lucerne which is rich in protein growing for feeding livestock. It has to grow as single crop to get good yield. It can also planted as inter crop along with any other monocots. It is advisable to grow lucerne to increase good body growth and milk yield in the animals. Anand2 is performing good in south India. Clover is not popular here in India.

Thanks Swamy. Appreciate the info.


Swamiji, this is very expensive, around 500+ per kilo when i bought last year, unless you need it for specific reason, i wouldn’t suggest this just a cover crop.  Do you have different take on this?

Janumu (Sunn Hemp).

Where can I find native variety seeds for this cover crop which is not “hybrid” in Hyderabad area? Appreciate the help. Thank you.


I guess. the seeds available in shops are not hybrid. here we get from Gujrat. When I checked what veriety they said all are Nati (desi)

if any genuine farmers need any help from Gujarat you can contact me. I will try my level best to help you out,.