Commercial Farming in 248 Sq.Yard land

Dear All,

I am Ashish Harish Gandhi,

I am a mechanical engineer having 21 years of experience in fabrication. Presently at Netherlands. And want to come back to India forever with family.
I want to switch over my work from Metal to Farming.
I want to start farming business from 248 Sq.Yard land which I have.
I can manage water and electricity in this land.
I have no other source of Income.
I want to make it as a Start-up business for my earnings and survival in India.

Giving above background, I am inviting some ideas by which I can start.

This is going to be my interest area as well.  Earn with Fun.

Thanks in Advance

248 Sq. Yard sounds really small to do farming and live off that as only source of income. You could probably try growing mushrooms or Floriculture in a greenhouse setup.

Hope you have enough savings from the 21years of working.


[b][color=green][font=arial black][font=arial black][color=green] :slight_smile:[/color][/font]Thank you Bhayya you can go for Verticle Hydroponic farming with Poly Hose then you can get a minimum  Income equivalent to 248 Sq. Yard  X 6 =1488 say 1500 Sq. Yards farming Income even more also.

for vasudha Green farms,,

You can go for mixed crop farming. Create a farming chart for all the veg, pulses, grains & oil seeds that you need in daily life. Use relay mixed farming method. Excess can be sold in the market.

Alternatively you can also go for 5 layer palekar model for orchid farming on one half & mixed veg farming on second half.

Do plant some very useful trees like drumstick, neem, dhatura, etc on the farm borders which will help you in doing the farming the natural way.