Commercial benefits of terrace farm in mumbai

hi, I have a small terrace in the heart of Mumbai…a place where every inch of space matters…this for me is heaven as I get direct sunlight for my plants.until now I had just a few veggies and fruits but I feel this place is under utilized.i also have plans of commercially utilizing it by growing commercially viable flowers/herbs etc for saleable purpose.area about 400 sft.(direct sunlight).and another 300 sft backyard.(low sunlight due to a coconut tree).
please advice on what I can grow in such a small space but still reap benefits commercially.

Hello Vids,

400 Square feet is a Large area to get your Commercial Terrace garden going if you are going to use modern gardening techniques like Aeroponics in vertical gardening.
This will have a one time setup cost but can reap benefits for years.
I am attaching here two pics of our Aeroponic tower having 30 strawberry plants in less than 3 square feet area and uses 90% less water than traditional systems.
You could grow wide variety of high yeild crops in this tower like lettuce, Brocolli, Lemon Grass,Lavender,Oregano,Basil,  All types of berries(strawberry, blueberry etc) Flowers like Gerbara, and cater to nearby restaurants at premium price $$$

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