Color Capsicum : Soil Cultivation or Soilless in Polyhouse

Hello Members.
                    i was reading this forum from the time i started planning to get into High Tech Farming. With zero experience in traditional farming ( HITECH Farming is far away thing ) i am entering into never lasting world of Agriculture.
                    As a first step i am planning to start polyhouse for cultivating colour capsicum in an area 2736 sq mtr in Maharashtra state ,Kolhapur District. Environmental conditions are  much favourable for this crop. the land in which we are doing polyhouse is highly fertile black soil. Current scenario is we have completed with foundation work, i am requesting to all of you people to suggest me on few things.
            1] We are planning to cultivate color capsicum in plastic bags of size 15*15 instead of soil beds. Have anybody tried capsicum in plastic bags ? If yes what are the pros and cons ?
            2] What are the Actual expenses involved in hydroponic cultivation for colour capsicum ? What yield one can get ,what is input cost involved, what are the benifits and drawbacks of Hydroponic system ?
              As we are totally new in farming, should we take risk of Hydroponic cultivation or fo for soil cultivation ??

Check this thread out by Vertical - pretty comprehensive on hydro capsicum cultivation

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Thank you…It was helpful indeed…