Coffee/Banana in Paddy land

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I have one query, There is land in Chickmagalur. It’s about 4.5 Acres. It’s Paddy Land [Present crop is rice]. Surrounding there are many coffee estates. So my question is can we do Coffee/Banana Plantation and other Trees in this Paddy Land, if yes what are all the methods involved. Kindly explain me briefly.

Most paddy fields are water logged lands. Coffee dont tolerate even 1mm of water logging. coffee can be easily grown on a slope of a hill.

Banana yes.
you have to solve all these issues before starting banana
1.Water logging.
2.Paddy fields will have clay soil .
3.Soil will be too acidic.

If you have water good enough for banana you can make arecanut as main crop and banana as intercrop.

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Thanks for your suggestion, How to overcome this soil acidic, if there is any links in this forum kindly let me know. There is good water source for this land, river flowing next to the land. How about growing Trees

See below link. … /#msg14445

hello batenavi, have you been able to do coffee in Paddy land at all ? any dos and donts ? I have a similar land and looking for ideas.