Cocopeat for mango plantation?

I want to use Co-co Peat for my Land proposed for Mango Plantation.
Is it not advisable to use co-co-peat.Kindly advise in detail. I am
having 25 Tons of Co-co peat. On your advise I will go ahead.

Vasudha Green Farms,

Please elaborate - how would you use cocopeat for this?

Thank you Mr. Chndra Sir,
I want to fill the Pits of Mango Plantation of 3’X3’X3’ Co-Co peat and Red Earth at 50% : 50% . Kindly advise.

Thank you with Best Wishes,
MANNE.SN,Vasudha Green Farms,

I hope you are aware, Raw cocopeat MUST NOT BE used. how ever you can compost it and use it. see below suggestion which was given by senior horticulture guru Sri. S.Ramesh during farmnest seminar in Bnaglore last year.

[color=blue]How to prepare the pit for growing fruit plants?.

Dig the pit 2.5 X 2.5 X 2.5, when you start digging, keep the top layer aside, after the pit is dug, use any device to loosen the soil below the pit at-least 1 feet.  And then, put back 1/2 portion of the top soil that you have kept aside, then add the following.

  1. Compost of FYM. [color=red]Strictly NO NO for fresh FYM [/color] ( two basket) and Vermicompost equal quantity
  2. Oiled Neem Cake(not de-oiled) ( Bevina Hindi)  OR  Ippe Hindi (Madhuca longifolia or Mahua) This is bitter than Neem  2Kg
  3. Pongamia Cake 1.5 Kg.
    5 Ground nut cake (Optional).
    Bio cultures like (20Gms each of) Trichoderma viride, phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, Azotobacter, Aspergillus, K bacter, Pseudomonas and humic acid.[/color]

Note: All bio cultures must be mixed with compost and maintain moisture and stored in covered condition for a week.

Thank You GOOD Suggestion