Coconut Tree needs help

Hello all, My farm is in mysore.
I have planted coconut trees in my farm in October, some trees are turning yellow. Also, out of 60,almost 4 trees died in a course of time. Also lot of termite attack, they are eating up plants.
I need suggestion on same. Thank you :pray:

Apply Termiphos at the rate of 10 gm per plants around the plant for termite control
Drench the plants with humic acid or apply vermicompost to the plants

To control termite from soil,
→ Hifield Darban (Chlorpyriophos 50% EC) 3 ml +
→ Big Power (Humic Acid) 2 gm per liter water,
Drench 50 ml solution for 1 Plant.

To increase plant growth and greening of leaves spray
→ IFC 19 19 19 - 50 gm +
→ IFC Micronutrient 15 gm +
→ Saaf Fungicide 30 gm per 15 liter water.

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