Coconut intercropping

Good day all,

  Got coconut farm 22 acres, spacing 24 feet .  planning for intercropping . need advice on intercropping with banana , papaya and chilly.

or any other crops .farm located near madurai. good water facility.


Take a look at Cocoa too. Good luck.


Dear Sri Shankarpandi,              Please let us know what variety of coconut plants and what is their age. Type of soil and if possible give soil and water test reports.                                    With best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Hello sir all are tall varieties…11 acres aged 15 years…remaining 11 acres only 3 years old…
Soil red soil sir…

Dear Ari shankarpandy ,            As intercrop, you can plant Banana ,and/or papaya, and they do very well. As raj sir said, you can go for cocoa plantation also as intercropping, provided cocoa is in practice in your area. Cocoa do very well if your area is with good humidity levels.          If you like, you can go for acid lime, Moringa Olifera  (drumsticks) and they also do well.                    You can go for ginger plantation as intercrop , by providing beds of height 12 inch x 24 inch wide, with 2 rows on bed, and it do well. April end is the time for plantation.          In the remaining 11 acres of 3 years old coconut plantation, you can do any vegetables farming including chillies, till they come to a height of 10 ft.                  With best wishes,  g.p.rao, farmer   

Rap sir …thank you very much…for your valuable. Advice…

Rap sir attached are the photos

If you can make time, please visit Mr O V S Somasundaram’s farm at Pollachi and talk to him. He has cocoa and mace as intercrop, amazing to see what he has and is doing. Very knowledgeable gentleman - you can Google to get details about his work and him