Coconut intercropping with Jack Fruit

I am preparing to plant coconut saplings for my 8 acres of land. Although I have a water facility now, my place is drought prone. I don’t want to fill entire farm with coconuts. My plan is to provide 30 feet spacing between coconuts. I would like to plant Jack fruit/Bread fruit as intercrops in the middle of the square. Is 30 feet sufficient for Jack Fruit/Bread Fruit?

Look at Arecanut.
I am intercropping with Arecanut.

Jack fruit stem can be a safe breeding space for pests like Red Palm weevil or rhino beetle. you should take measures to control them on the jackfruit trees.
Otherwise it is a good idea. You have to prune and manage the canopy of the jack-fruit trees.

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@Alex_Sequeira - When you say take measure to control the weevil/beetle on Jackfruit tree, how to control via some spray? or with traps?

Traps are good if the population is limited. You have to maintain/manage these traps regularly. The downside is it may attract beetles from surrounding areas. So you have to avoid keeping them on borders. Sprays are not required for jackfruit trees. You have to watch out for beetle activity on the stems. Generally they lay eggs on damaged part / holes in the stem and breed in these areas. you need to monitor for such activity and seal those holes with suitable insecticide (even lime + copper sulphate paste will do)

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