Coconut farming

I am an MBA graduate and into garment business for the past 5yrs ,i am also recently into coconut farming on a 4 acre land on the out skirts of the city,the trees are just starting to yeild .
Could any one help me to know the procedures /systems that are to be followed to get a very goods yeild from these trees as i do not have any idea regarding the additional nutrition to be given for the trees other than proper water irrigation every 3 days .
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Pl. send a mail to me at with your Location & contact details.
I will mail you complete details which is very easy & a model farm is very close to CBE.
KS Raj

Dear maheshkumar4965,

Being in Coimbatore, you should utilize to the full extent the facilities/opportunities available from TNAU Coimbatore.  Their website related to coconut farming is … conut.html

Please reach out to them and you will get other ideas like inter-cropping in your coconut farm as well.

Best of Luck!!!


Hello Mr.Padmanaban,  thanks for this information, the website is very usefull.  But I was wondering how active they are in terms of support?  I am just being a bit skeptical because this from my understanding seems to be an inititative of the government and well the less said about them, the better…

Dear sudan,

I agree with your point about the standard of support provided by the Govt agencies.  But let’s use the available information as a starting point.

Websites like this can be of more use if people contribute.  Unfortunately, very few farmers are net connected.  But lets not lose hope.

We can continue to contribute ourselves and consolidate the information so that each and everybody who wants to have the information can go through that and benefit from that.


Dear all,

please take this as the experience of someone who has interacted with TNAU (coimbatore). they are extremely helpful and will assist in anyway possible. yes they are a government organization so you may need to adapt to their work culture. please do not compare corporate processes / work culture with government bodies as it will be alike comparing apples to oranges.

long and short of it, go ahead and meet the TNAU people. if you just call or mail with a casual enquiry it may take awhile for them to respond but they will respond, it is best you go there and meet people. trust me they are pretty serious about what they do. TNAU is a agri university and their experience / consultancy would be a lot cheaper and more reliable than so called ‘private consultants’. agree you could always get more specialist consultancy for an area which is extremely good, but at what cost?

improving yield for any crop has no silver bullet formula, you have to take all the options / opinions / technologies etc and decide what is best suited for your requirement/case. i’d suggest the following

  1. internet sources (generic  / specific by combination of crop, area, soil profile, other factors etc) --> local  [tnau, indg, icar, indiaagronet, ikisan, agriculture information, state specific agri department websites]  foreign —> [SARE, ATTRA etc]
  2. local kvk’s / tnau (for technology, best practices / proven combinations, varieties etc)
  3. local farmers (experience , indegenious technologies)


for now do this simple excercise, get a 3 truck load for dung sun dry them nicely they should be totally dry, keep each truck load seperately and once completly dry, for each truck load add 50 kgs of azospirillum, another load for phosphobacteria and then one load of potash all should be bio-chemicals they are organic micro organisim keep mixing them once every week and they are truck load or rich micro organisim in 2 months, spread each plant about 2-3 kgs you will see the yield in six months and the how healthy they will be.

The other option if you have anyone near by doing banana farming and they have harvested the fruits, take all those stems dig a big pit and add 10kgs of jaggery to 1kg of salt every TON of stem and close the pit leave it for 45-60 days after that its is rich organic potash for your coconut trees, if you perform all this regularly trust me people will come searching your coconuts as its taste will be excellent and you’ll get excellent yeild


Pratap Sir,
50 kg of phosphobacteria and 50 kg of poatsh-Right.
The banana stem procedure should be at what intervals?
What variety of coconut would you advise(TXD,DXT,NCD,kerasankare,pratap,banoli)-for konkan) for plantation at commercial coconut farm. I am very inclined towards DXT due to good crop yeild and manageble ht.
I had planted a few NCD (bangalore) which have fruited in 28months-is this regular trait of NCD?
Like TXD,DXT is there a DxD variety?? if yes is it advisable to opt for DxD?
Could you kindly elaborate on a similar procedure for pineapple also.
Rafiq yusuf.

Hi mohesh, ps send mail me, details about coconut varities like TXD,DXT, TALL,Tender coconut, mode of irrigation, soil type or having any report, partent nature ,planting distance,organic or inoranic type,ps go for honey bee rearing(for better  production)ps contact M.sivakumar, (horticulture) since 1992, :9994223396, 8428840980,

Many don’t approve of dwarf personally i have not done it, however of what we have did DxT is good,

Used the fermented banana stem process after every time you remove the nuts and clean the tree.

I have not done pineapple plantation sorry to be honest i will always suggest only things i have done, there are however lot of material avaialbe on the internet.

All the best!


It is recommended that 25kg FYM be used along with other fertilisers during planting coconut saplings.
Will it be more benefcial if we use good quality vermicompost instead of FYM?
Kindly advise.

Dear Mr.Kumar,

If you really interested in commercial farming ,plse go for drip irrigation. To increase production , plse

follow  the steps.

Fertilizer - Add  Single Super phosphate -2 kg/ + Sulphur -100 gm/plant - irrigate plants

after  15 days add

Urea- 50 kg + Potash -25 kg + Magnesium sulphate -10 kg + Humic acid -powder -1 kg  mix well

  distribute  250 -300 gm/ plant

after 15  days add

Boric acid -10 kg + Zinc sulphate -10 kg + Manganese sulphate -5 kg + Copper sulphate -10 kg +

fulvic  acid -1 kg mix well add    50-100 gm /plant

If  Triacontanol based growth promotors are there , eg. Vipul/ Vishal -Tropical Agro systems

200 ml /200 lits water  + DAP -2 kg /200 lits water and drench 10 -15 lits / plant

Then practice Bye Bye Phorate /Furadan,  Boosting Metabolism in plants.

You will get excellent production

Thank you
Good Luck