Coconut farming karnataka KR nagar

Where will I find good coconut plants in karnataka for my 2 acre land and which type is the best ???

Check in VC farm Mandya. It is  a Horticulture Dept nursery.

Dear Anoop kk sir, are you interested in Tiptur tall variety, one of the best in south India, you will get them in and around Tumkur dist, hassan dist, Arisikere, tavarekere etc. It is not a hybrid but good variety, but it comes to yielding after 6 years and lives for 100 years. Good and suitable variety.

If you want to go for hybrid varieties, one of the best ,are released by DeeJay Nurseries of Bengaluru, nurseries are in Tamilnadu. They start yielding after 2 years only but lives for only 25 years. But unfortunate issue is their price, at little high end, but worth.

All the best,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Thanks a lot Rao sir… I hope u will help me in lending your suggestions on future also…