Coco peat vs rice husk

Hi all

My 3 acrs polyhouse construction is in progress near hyderabad. Now it’s time for me to go with soil management before the erection as per the vendor.

I have started to get red soil for 3acrs and also looking for other material to mixup the soil. As this is first time I’m doing, hence require some help from seniors in this forum.

Planning with vegetable crop in first 1 yr…

Few questions,

What is the best composition? And what the quantity is required for each acr?

Some people suggested  mix the soil with rice husk, cow dung not sure whether this is right way or not?

Sme more people suggested that. Soil with cow dung and coco peat…with initial analysis, I found the coco peat is expensive…

Request help on and also best source of getting above material with less cost

Appreciate for quick help

Surendar reddy

You can mix cow dung.

Take care before mixing coco peat/rice husk as if these both are not decomposed before mixing will generate  heat in the process of composting. 

Rice husk will decompose earlier than coco peat.  The water retention capacity of coco peat is  x times than rice husk.

Thank you Krishna prasad

Coco peat will help in retaining the moisture , but will not allow the root to breath.
There were some research papers , which suggest , mixing of cocopeat with rice husk has shown good results.
this is because rise husk retain more air , which helps roots to breath better.
So try rice husk and cocopeat mix.
But the chances of getting diseases through rice husk are very high. so you better plan for sterilization.
Sai Krishna

Dear Surendar Reddy sir,  If your mixing red soil is (not sandy) good soil, pl mix rice husk @ 5 tons per acre , and prepare the beds, for farming vegetables in green house.

If rice husk is mixed in red soil in beds, it gives water holding capacity as well ,aeration to the plant roots. If the Red soil is full of sandy, Rice husk should not be applied.

Cow dung and /or sheep=goat dung mixing is a must.The precaution to be taken is it should be old and composted. This should be at least 4 trucks load or 14 tractors load, per acre.

If any clarifications are required, pl ask sir.

If posiible go for organic bed preparation instead of FUMIGATION, which I feel like a moral crime.

best of luck for your vegetable farming.( which vegetables.? )

g.p.rao, farmer