Climate conditions of north gujarat for medicinal plants

Dear frndz,
Can anybody plz help me know whether the climate of north gujarat is viable for cultivation of medicinal plant…??? especially safed musli,  ashwagandha and psyllium husk… I’ve been looking forward to establish a pilot project for medicinal plant in approx. 3-4 acre land. what finance/loan can I saught from government/private firms for the same…?? Would it be possible to grow these plants using Hydroponics greenhouse…??

Consultants are welcome…

plz help me…


Dear Mr.,

Plse cotact MEDICINAL & AROMATIC PLANTS PROJECT,Anand Agri. University. You approach my

friends  Dr.Sunil Macwan (Pl.Breeding)/ Dr.Raesh M Patel (s/0  Late Dr.M.L.PATEL/ DR.Subhash ,

Head Biotech. Division.

Thank you


Appreciate your reply…

Shall get to you soon…