Classification of musk melon marketable, disease resistant and sweeter

Dear All,

Thanks to the forum for helping in identifying  a marketable, popular variety of papaya.

Was looking for a  marketable in Bangalore, disease resistant(as I would cultivate in organic way)

Seeing that there are so many netted varieties and getting confused which one to select. Here is the list : … 8FB9DDC002

Can somebody suggest a variety which can be cultivated throughout the year ?

Our farms are located in Bellary where the summer temperature is higher otherwise(other seasons) it should be fine, This we are planning in existing mango farm and hence the temperature will be lower


Some other varieties :
Followings are the important varieties of muskmelon. Arka rajhans, Hara Madhu, Pusa Asaarbati, Arka Jest, Durgapura Madhu, Punjab sunahari, Lanow safed, Annamalai, Haribhari.

Hi Seshu,

I have tried:
[li]Namdhari NS910[/li]
[li]Camson Gandak[/li]
[li]Known You Trisha 2[/li][/ul]

All of these are hybrids. I had decent results with NS910 but lost the other two to stem borers and cucumber beetles (I grow ‘near-organic’ and couldn’t apply chemicals). While it is probable many other factors and the season have played a role, I am inclined to think NS910 has some tolerance to borers and root grubs; I am planting this along with Trisha 2 now, so I should have better information in a few months.

All of these are netted muskmelons/cantaloupes and are called ‘Laddu Karbuja’ distinguishing from the pumpkin type melon that is called ‘Karbuja’. The general preference is for orange skin, deep orange flesh, high sweetness and aroma. NS910 has been good on these counts, but I have been told by the seller Trisha 2 has much greater aroma. However, the preferences differ between Bangalore and Delhi for example - you will need to research the local markets - interestingly, muskmelon is not even well known in Hyderabad. There are also yellow smooth skinned melons and melons with green flesh too that some markets prefer.

Though companies showcase many varieties on their websites, I think they would just have one or two varieties in the shops in a season - so that reduces your selection process. I am unsure how easy it is to obtain the University/Government varieties.

Melon cultivation in on maa gold : … J&index=34