Clarity on buying Agriculture land in Karnataka

Please advise me on buying Agriculture land in Karnataka
Wife’s non agriculture income (salary) is less than 25 lakhs - can she buy agriculture land in Karnataka ?

for arriving at her non agriculture income of 25 lakhs will the income of her husband also be considered?
Income of husband and wife put together is more than 25 lakhs

Hi Prakash,
Law says that family income should not be more than twenty-five lakhs from other sources

The word family include husband, wife, children etc, therefore, if the wife willing to purchase agricultural land that her husband income would be considered as family income. Otherwise, all person will purchase the agriculture property in the name of wife by miss using the law.

Hi, Thanks for the reponse, law says

“no person who or a family or a joint family which has an assured annual income of not less than rupees…”

should the interpretation be Person or Family or Joint Family ?

For Income Tax purpose a person who has his/her pan and earning salary is treated as individual (income is not clubbed with family), so wouldn’t a person paying income tax be treated as PERSON

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    One more important law: only agriculturist can buy agricultural land in Karnataka the

Thanks Sharath
Can you please help me with the section which mentions about this clause

I don’t see any such restriction in Chapter V, section 79A and 79B

The Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961, restricts a person or family from non-agriculture background from buying farmland. From 1995, only those with less than an annual income of ₹2 lakh were allowed to buy farmland (before 1995, the ceiling was ₹50,000). After the 2015 amendment, those above ₹25 lakh income could buy farmland only after conversion of the land.

You can buy plantation land in Koorg, Shakleshpur areas without any restrictions, provided, the land is classified as plantation land (means, coffee, tea, pepper, rubber plantations) in the RTC.

You should be from an agricultural family, means your father must be a farmer. Non agriculturists, can apply to the DC in advance and get his approval for purchasing agricultural land. Agricultural land may not be suitable for you, with cumbersome laws and procedures.

But non-agriculturists can by agricultural land in near by Tamil Nadu. Suggest you to consult a lawyer before taking final decisions. Best wishes.