Clarification on banana plantation

I am planning to go for banana plantation tissue culture G9 - preferablly organically and using mulch sheets

I am done with following tasks of land preparation

  1. Double plough horizontal and across the slope
  2. Rotovetering

Farm advice

What should be the manure needs per Acer
Can we go for poultry litter as manure, if yes how much
What should be the spacing planning for 5.5 x 5.5
Should I be digging the pits or can I plant it on the ridge and furrow with mulch sheet
What should be the mulch sheet thickness
Any information on the market would help

And good source of G9 tc in Hyderabad with good yield



This link will answer most of your questions.

About how much manure and fertilizers to use, it depends on your current soil health. You must get your soil tested and follow integrated nutrient management.
Also, poultry manure is considered very good for soil. If you can get it in your village, then you should definitely use it. You will need to add around 100-150 gm of poultry manure to each plant. Do add biofertilizers for increased yields.

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