Chipper shredder mulcher wanted

Hi Guys ,
any idea whr i could purchase a indian made heavy duty 2-3hp electric single phase chipper shredder mulcher.
Hav shortlisted contcted green planet in delhi but havnt got any reply as yet.
Any member has purchased such a machine kindly giv feedback on good and bad points of it.


We recently purchased a chipper which is run by tractor from Bhide and sons. I am not sure what the hp is, but it works on 1 ton per hour and it generated quite a good bit of compost/mulch for us.

I can tell from the feedback that I received from my manager, that he likes it a lot.


Shiv Sir,
Thankyou for your reply, would be more interested in a n electric chipper shredder mulcher, where do i get  a tractor?
Kindly mail Bhide Co ctc nbr, will speak to them bout electrical operated machine.
There one being offered at 45000/-, not in the budget of the buyer.

You can check with Mr.Girish Hardikar at 9404712788


Sir, thats Very kind of you.

Spoke to Girish Hardikar of Bhide n Sons, rates are same as othr suppliers. Only consolation is sangli is nearby, will save on shipping charges.
As per Girish bhai their machine is very sturdy and reasonably priced.
Any members have used a mulcher shredder indian made.
Mulcher chipper shredder 2.5HP electric avlbl for US $300 on amazon, by the time it lands here it will be US$600
Kindly post your experiences.