Chilli fruit Curling

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I transplanted chilli seedlings on 15 June. Fruits are coming out now but some are getting curled up (Attachment - “curled”). Why is this so. Is there anything which can prevent this ?

Also, in some,  the tip appears rotten (attachment - “Rotten tip”). Please guide


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It seems it is Nutrient Deficiency i.e  seems to be Calcium Deficiency. If your soil Test shows the calcium in a Normal Range it might be Fungal infection of .Phytophthora Blight (Chilli Wilt). This may effect due to water Stagnation or over watering to the Plant with lesser Drainage facility.If you ore going for Chemical Farming Spray Copper Oxicloride/Dithene M-45 or any other Fungicide.If you are following Organic Prepare  Mixture of 2 Parts Desi Cow dung
1 Part Desi  Cow Urin  1 Part Neem Oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly  .After Filtering 2 Ml/Litre Spray om entire Plant.It is better you should have attached the IMAGE of entire Plant.

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Before Trying  Thionutri try TILT which is Systemic powerful Fungicide with Iskabium is a Nutrient both are Syngenta Products.

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What is the dosage you would suggest per acre for both TILT and ISABION ?
Also, ISABION can be foliar as well through drip. Which is more effective ?
What should be the frequency of applying ISABION

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Another image attached

Yes it is Foliar Spray Sir,
For Tilt be at 2 to 2,5 Ml. /Litre  depending upon the intensity of  Crop Disease. It is advisabkle 2.50 Ml/Litre.
Isabion 4 to 5 Ml/Litre

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I didn’t knew that, adding calcium in any farm must be done only after proper soil test. You can use Ground Limestone, Gypsum, Fertilizer, Eggshells etc that are conventional ideas of adding calcium to farm soil.

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Crop seems to be GOOD.

15 days after Isabion spray… attached Images

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As seen from the Images, the crop seems to be Very GOOD with Small Fruits. But could not Found Flowers.
Have you sprayed Growth Regulators as suggested. It seems to be needed in view of the crop is thick Green and
heavy Growth. On spraying Growth Regulators Flower and Fruits will be GOOD Ripening. Try NOW.

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