Cheap land for creating a forest

I am looking forward to purchasing a sizable portion of land (10+ acres) and is looking forward to convert it to a forest/dense plantation! Though I have 30+ years to official retirement age, this will eventually be my retirement home in my own forest!

I am specifically looking forward to places in India where land parcels are available cheap. Frankly, I can only afford places where land price is less than 1 lac/acre as I just started working and my savings right now are not very high.

Looking forward to areas(not specific plots) where there is no electricity, no cellphone range and very less chemical pollution - I prefer living near an atomic reactor, but not near a chemical plant! Areas near dams or large lakes are preferred as I will be able to get a seaplane as mode of transportation.

Prefer areas in southern india(TN, KA and KL!) or in Konkan area as I am almost familiar with the climatic conditions there.

PS:- No agriculture in this land, just planting random trees randomly and nursing them for some 5 years and then simply letting nature take care of the land for next few decades!


You can do this by imitating what Shri. Kareem did in Kerala.
Pl. google "Kareem’s Forest"to discover what he has done in Kasargode.
in Kerala. It is a model which you can replicate.

All the best.


My idea is exactly similar.

But I want a good patch of land to start with. Looking forward for low cost land areas where I can purchase my plot.

I am looking for a land for farming but your idea is good. In future if i get such opportunity i will try doing it.

All the very best Alder