Cheap agriculture land in South America

:smiley: Very cheap agriculture land and Ranches are available in Argentina.  If any body interested in participating our expedition program pleas contact me either in [glow=red,2,300][/glow] or call me [glow=red,2,300]+919605280506[/glow] at the earliest.  the minimum investment for a visa is 35 Lacks INR and approx. 5Lacks will be additional expenses.  Those who can bear can think about the immigration.  Those who want to participate with less investment can also join with us.  8%return in the end of second year,9% in 3[sup]rd[/sup] year 10% in 4[sup]th[/sup] year up to 14 % will be assured up to 10 years.  On the end of the tenth year the invested amount will be returned with 40% addition.  Additional profits if any, will be distributed to the investors.

What is the status on your offer, has any taken an opportunity to own lands?
What is the status now?

Bye the bye any latest news on Peanut king from our Punjab who is producing highest quantity of peanuts in Argentina?

How much land is offered in 35 lacks INR and type of ownership, Where is the location, what are the facilities available like water source, power, labor- skilled and unskilled, climatic conditions ound the year, nearest markets, Taxes and levies on Agri Produce / Income.

Please give details.

Anant Joglekar