Channel irrigation or drip for small mango trees

Hi friends,

We have a mango farm of 3 acres. The trees or rather plants are around 1+ years old. Which irrigation do you think is best for these plants for now - channel irrigation or drip?

By channel I mean the traditional trenches we use to flow the water to plants.


If you have mango as monocrop, drip works better in terms of water usage, electricity (# of hours), labour, fertigation etc.  When there are short term intercrops in between, then trenches (you can consider sprinkler as well) is much better.

I would definitely plan for short term intercrops majorly dicots which would make land more fertile as well as provide output and fodder - such as alasande, huruli, ground nut etc.  Do try them this monsoon.

Thank you gunda! I am planning for intercrop only

Mango needs just some moisture during summer. If a yielding tree watered, you cannot get sweetest fruits. It needs water twice during flowering. There are few verirties resistance to this like neelam. it gives sweet fruits even after so much rains.

Since your plants are 1 year old. Just provide water only for inter crops not for mango. It will take the moisture.