Chain Link Fencing

How much will it cost to do chain link fencing for 9600 running feet with 5" height?
What would be the ideal specifications?
We need this for a farm in Hindupur.

hi john

just for chain link
you need a pillar/L angle every 8 feets and addition pillars every corner
you can calculate as per your need


Chain link Fencing is More costlier. Barbed wire Fencing is More than enough for the Farms as I have suggested  earlier. Chain Link Fencing is about More than THREE times of the Barbed wire Fencing.

Would you let us know the reason for chain linked mesh please.

Thank you every one for your inputs.
To clarify:

  1. Chainlink fencing is for part of the property where vegetables are to be grown to keep away small animals,dogs, hen etc from coming in.As also to fence the area to prevent cattle from entering without harming them. We are also going to have 40-45  cows on the premise
  2. Major part of the property will be barbed wire fenced with plants like henna and bougainvillea growth

I am working on the costs for Fencing, Dripirrigation, Solar lighting etc…

Any help with costs / acre for supply, installation and commissioning will help.

Hi John,

Poles: Suggested to go for one pole for every 8 running feet and two supporting poles for every 10 poles and at the corners. So, you can calculate the number of poles needed. When we did recently in Hyderabad, every stone of 7ft height costed Rs 170/-


Chainlink: We went ahead with Tatawire as we were told that it is rust proof. They charged Rs 8.50/- for sqft. You can calculate it for your needs. Running Feet X Height X price/sqft

GI Wire: This is needed to tie the chainlink wire to the poles. They charge based on the kilos. I don’t remember the price.

Barbed wire: Based on my personal experience, two or three lines of barbed wire is also needed even if we go for chainlink to support the chainlink. But defintely one line at bottom to stop wildbores etc from pushing the chainlink in making a way. This is also charged based on weight. Around Rs 80/- per KG. One KG of wire stretches to 10-12 running feet.

Labor charges: For poles + for spreading the wire. Some people charge it per pole basis and some charge it per running feet. In our case they charged per pole. For digging the pit & standing up the pole, they charged Rs 40/- per pole and for spreading the wire they charged Rs 30/-

Hope this information is useful to you.

From my experience - Simple barbed wire fencing with thorny plants on the borders would be cheaper and more effective though it takes some time (for thorny plants to grow).

This is very helpful.
Thank you

Can you also specify what was the gauge and spacing (3, 4 inch etc.) of the chain link fence that you used at 8.50/sqft?

Also, you mention that 1 Kg of barbed wire material stretched to 10-12 running feet. Is this for a single row? According to a recent inquiry I made at tata wire, a 25 kg bundle has an approx length of 675 ft. According to your estimate, however, a 25 kg bundle would only stretch up to 250 to 300 feet. Could you please shed some more light on this?



You are right 25kg bundle gives approx 625 rft this is 12/14 guage wire and the rate of 8.5/sft chainlink fence is of 14 guage and gap size is any where between 3.5" to 4"

Thank you, krishnaprasad.
Somewhere on these forums I read that barb wire is somehow susceptible (in the long term) to creepers. I am planning to use a combination of barbed wire and chain link fence, and supplement with a live fence over the course of time. Some of the plants I intend to use (bougainvillea) may bend over (lean on) the fence. Can this affect the fence (barbed portion or chain link portion) or reduce its life in the long term?

Also, has anyone considered using precast compound walls in conjunction with barbed wire fence? It can be expensive, but considering it’s for a small area, is precast-barbed wire combination a better alternative to chain link-barbed wire?

Any arguments for or against welcome.


Barbed wire or chainlink mesh life span depends on how you maintain it.  If creepers are growing on these they will hold moisture and which will in long term remove the Galvanised coat from these.  Both are having good life of 15 to 25 years based on how you maintain them without creepers growing on them.  You have to inspect them periodically to increase their life or replace them.

I have seen barbed wire and chainlink mesh without creeper areas stayed 25 years and still looking solid.

Prefast compound is good if you have that money please go ahead.  Seen few farms having them in front portion and rest with barbed wire. 

15 to 25 years life span is too good when compared the harsh condition they undergo.

You have to decide based on the utility point and money you can spend.  All three have their own pros and cons

Thank you, Krishnaprasad.
I suspected it may the moisture from creepers, though we don’t plan to plant these next to the fence. With bougainvillea, I think we will need to make sure they don’t weigh too much on the fence, or it may lead to sagging.

Precast only around the house is a good idea.

Chain link fence, though strong, does not hold back two-legged intruders, unfortunately. I have noticed some people climb over these fences by placing their toes in between the links; which leads to intrusion of course, but also damages/weakens the fence! Maybe barbed wire intertwined with chain link might deter them. 

Its like this if you want small animals and hen etc to not enter your field then use 4 feet height chainlink mesh and above this use 4 rows of barbed wire which is interlinked with two diagonal barbed wires which are tied in each nod.  Which will help you to avoid two legged creatures.

If you use more gap chainlink then only two legged animals will climb.  If you use 2" x 2" or 3" x 3" chainlink it is difficult for two legged animals.

Thank you Sir,

Kindly Provide your Contact number to enable us to visit your Farm for giving an Estimation/Quotation  for Fencing and Drip.

Kindly inform us whether we need to give Estimation for both at a time or separately.

Pl. Call 09133498366 and Mail full details to

Found this while searching for plants for live fencing:

dear sirs,

my farm is near chickballapur . two and half acres and peripheral length is 1400 sqft . I need suppliers of stone pillars address or contact numbers, kindly provide if any body had the details of suppliers. Around 175 stone pillars required.