Cattle Rearing Costs

[quote]Expenses (2 HF/J Cross Cows )

Fodder 7 Kgs/Day     Rs. 40
Feed         6 Kgs/Day            Rs. 60
Water/Elec                     Rs. 10
Salary @ 5000/-             Rs. 85
Medical                             Rs. 10
Total                             Rs. 205

Milk Sale 30 Liters/Day @ Rs. 25 = Rs. 22500 (Retail Sale)

Profit Rs. 10200[/quote]

This is what I’ve worked out after visiting few farms in my area. Kindly correct where I am wrong with these calculations.

[b]Dairy farming economics.

Income:        100
Expenses:      75
Net:                25
Repayment:      5 years

If you consider the value of heifers, the repayment is 3-4 years.

This is as simple as such.  No need to brake heads.

Your prosperity in dairy is in PASU and not in KSHEERA.

Pasu dhanam makes you rich in dairy farming. And not the money you are making by selling the milk.  If you understand this, you are a WINNER.