Cattle Feed preparation at Home for Buffaloes/Cow

Dear Friends,
I just started Banni Buffaloes Dairy farm with 35 buffaloes and doing good. We are doing farming for green fodder and purchasing dry fodder and other cattle which we need to give to buffaloes along with green food.

I am just curious if anybody know that how to prepare the cattle feed (balanced in all nutrients) at home at lowest cost compare to available in market at very high price and adulterated material.

We can buy the different ingredients from original manufacturer or from villages (direct from farmers) and with the use of smaller size of grinder / mixure, can prepare at home.

If anybody have the formula and composition for buffalo feed, please share with forum.

This will help to budding dairy farmers to reduce the cost of feed which is really eating most of the profits.

Also, if somebody can tell the efficiency of hydroponic green fodder and how much cattle feed we should give if hydroponically grown green fodder is available.

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Dipakkumar Patel
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Thank you Sir ,

Fodder under Hydroponic in Trays with Machinery is an expensive ONE Machinery as well as the Ce-rials.Maintenance and running cost of Electricity is also expensive.Instead of this we have evolved a System for Growing Fodder in Hydroponic  and run successfully in Hindupur.

Further insted of  using expensive Feed of Rice Bran, Branded Cattle Feeds , we are suggesting you  to go for Natural Green Feed Azolla. This is a Cheapest Mode of Growing / Preparation Naturally. We are providing here-under the Protein Content comparing Other Fodders. You may well aware that Protein is the IMPORTANT ingredient for  Human as well as to the Live stocks/Animals particularly Mammals / Milk rearing Animals.The  Animals Feeding this Azolla will also gives  Milk with more content of Fat and get more Price for the Milk.

Hence we are suggesting you to go for Azolla Growing for your Cattle Feed.We are Providing an Attachment to your Post in this Regard.If you need we will Provide you the Seed of Azolla at Hyderabad.

With Best Wishes,
MANNE.SN,for Vasudha Green farms,, 9133498366

Comparison of biomass and protein content in Azolla.docx (12.6 KB)