Cattle feed formulation

Dear All,
I have started a small animal farm in Jan 2015. And utilized my own prepared mixture as concentrate which saved a lot (min 18-20 % ) with price fluctuations from jan to nov 15. I used deoiled cake, crushed maize, rice polish, broken rice, salt and mineral mixture.

I brought Deoiled cake from local network at extra price as no body sells it. I got information that a full truck load can be ordered from company but I am not getting any reference for ordering it.

Please share the contact numbers from where I can order the DOC.

Thank you

Please share your formulation and what do you mean by mineral mixture.

Dear Sri Mpchemical, Deoiled cake means, which cake. If you want soya deoiled cake pl contact 09953359185, Bengaluru and 08377804190, Tiruchirapalli.

Pl specify if it is any other deoiled cake. I will enquire and inform you the details of traders if possible.

You can ask them about any other cake you required, as they are said to be big importers of all deoiled cakes.

best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Thank you Sir M/S mpchemical,

What yiou are supplying is Spplemental Feed. In addition to this I am suggesting you to Prefer Azolla which will reduce the cost of Feed Further and increse Milk Yield as well as Increse the Cream % substantially. Several ofm our farmers are benefitted with thei Azolla Feed.Kindly go through te Attachment for your Growing Guidence.

Azolla Growing Easily PDF.pdf (392 KB)

Thanks All:

From the day I have started the project, We have maintained the register for all entries including per time milk for each buffalo. So I will share all the information. If you have any specific question you may please ask.

Mineral mixture is a supplement for calcium and phosphorus. Its in inorganic form.

Littlebit elaboration for deoiled cake. When I started the farm the cottonseed cake was costing 17 rs per kg at my location and within 8 months it reached to 23 rs per kg. The main problem with cottonseed cake is shelf life and amount of moisture present it it. So deoiled cake ( solvent extracted cotton seed cake) is better solution. Last year I stalked the DOC required for entire year and i saved a lot for concentrate. This year also trying to do the same thing. So looking for de oiled cotton seed cake supplier.

Shri G P Rao I will call on those numbers. Thanks for sharing.

For azolla : I do have a lot restrictions for space. I do not have any land and only have 5250 sq feet plot for all the project. I buy all kinds of fodder. hence trying to save on concentrate.

Dear All:
Right now its tough time for the milk producers as raw material costs are almost 20-30 % more than last Jan and milk prices are same. Even we are facing green fodder problems in january. In may and june the situation will be even worst. Last year my feed formulation cost was 17 rs per kg and I was using 400 gms (in early lactation ) to 1 kg (in late lactation) feed per liter. Dry fodder cost was 8 rs per kg and green fodder cost was 0.9 to 1 Rs/kg.

Right now the feed cost is almost 21 rs per kg. Green fodder cost is 1.4 rs/kg. No doubt dry fodder cost will be higher than last year. (I will come to know in the month of march).

So to fit everything in budget I am looking for alternative feeds. Many of the people are using maize (corn) husk which comes from starch industry. Its in wet form. After searching little bit, i found its Corn Gluten feed (not meal). Many people are still using it but, major of the people who closed down their milk producing farms told me that this feed was the culprit to force down their business.

I never tried this feed before. But after extensive literature reading I came to know that, excess sulfur and phosphorus levels make cattle sick. If we utilize this as a 20 % of our feed value, its safe to use.

Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Dear Friends,

Let me share some inputs as am in marketing of feed and food ingredients with one of the largest processor in India keeping love of farming in heart always.

There are many de-oiled meals/cakes are available in market, say Soyabean meal, Rapeseed meal, Cotton seed meal, Ground nut meal, Corn gluten meal, Corn gluten feed.etc. May compound feed millers are always change their formula based on input cost and seasonal availability of feed input.

Soya meal has 46% protein, where RSM has 38%, Corn Gluten meal has 62% protein…so on. There is another product Corn gluten feed which has 12% protein but price was so cheap.

Many producers may not do retail sail, however a collective purchase of 4-5 truck load will make the deal with company directly. Also please pay attention to the season of crop. Soya the peak season is Nov/Dec so need to procure maximum quantity at Dec once moisture settled down. Buy with keeping your own third party inspection to ensure protein/moisture…etc accurate at loading point itself.

Main challenge in any feed formulation is balance between input cost and its nutrition value. At present raw material price of Soya or Corn I don’t think in feed combination we can use as cost effective. Instead of that you can use some sources for protein like Deoiled rice bran, Guar kurma, Gaur churma, rice polish…etc and as some fiber materials as fillers.

Request please consult feed formulators and source raw material accordingly. Soya can get from MP and MH, RSM and Ghuargum from gujarat, Rajsthan , Rice bran…etc from southern states…etc

rajan mathew

Yesterday brought the first load for concentrate formulations. Its very very expensive compared to last year. Cotton seed DOC no. 1 quality was 30rs/kg, Rice polish no. 1 quality cost was 19.5 rs/kg, DORB cost was 14 rs/kg.

Time is tough for current year.

Hi people,

Its very long time I logged in here. But very happy to share some thoughts. Its two years from the date of start and things have been changed drastically. Now the feed quality is much better than the previous one. Now our average cost of concentrate is about 8 rs for newly calved buffalo, 12 rs 4 months old calved and 18 rs for 5 month pregnant buffalo. Quite good. Fodder cost was like 1 rs/kg for sugar cane top till 31st jan 2017 and now we are using Tul kutti and harbhara kutti. Kadaba kutti will be arrived in March. We are doing urea treatment for wheat straw on large scale.

Dear MP Chemical

May we have your formulation of feed and its cost break ups? and how do u compare with feed pellets available commerciallyy in market.

rajan mathew

I do have many formulations based on the raw material costs. I prefer to have 21 % proteins and 3 to 4 % fats in the concentrate. I do use cotton seed DOC with 37 % protein and 0.5 % fats, DORB with 15 % protein and 0.5% fats, rice DDGS with 45 % protein and 5 % fats, Maize with 9-10 % protein and 3.5 % fats, bypass fat with 85% fat. Previously i was using rice polish as a fat source but now using bypass fat instead.

Now i have many permutations and combinations to end up with 21 % proteins and 3 to 4 % fats. the difference between my cost and commercial available cost is about 6 rs per kg which is about 30 % savings. I used it in mash form no pellets. The only thing is that i have purchased all the raw material for a year except maize. but beleive me its huge savings.

Last year I have saved about 40 % money on the feed cost.

Just an example: on wt basis
DOC 20%
maize 20%
dorb 36.1 %
wheat bran 5%
ddgs 10%
bypass fat 3%
urea 1.4%
min mix 1.5
salt 3 %

its cost is 18.80 inr with 21.933 % cp and 3.98 % fats.



but i just check feed factories are selling pellets with 20-21% CP and 3.75% fiber at Rs 16.50/kg ex factory + transportation. So does it mean we still have scope of better economy in own formulation?

rajan mathew

Mr Rajan,
I f I get 21 % cp @ 16.50 I will place an order with 100 MT per year. Please let me know the contacts or else send me the quotations you received. In my area this quality feed costs about 25 rs/kg to 30 rs/kg. Its godrej bovino and godrej dudhratna.

Dear Mpchemical,
as per requirement that 21 % proteins and 3 to 4 % fats in the concentrate. you can complete this by using only three gradient that is

Wheat bran 33% ( CP-15.5 & FAT 4.25 )
Cotton seed DOC 33%
black gram Chuni 34% ( CP 16-18 & FAT 3.5 )
No need to add bypass fat or you can add 1.5%
Min Mix 1%
Salt 2% even you can reduce to 1%
Also try to cultivate azola on roof top of your house, so you can completely avoid Min Mix & Vitamin Mix. I hope this will come under 15 rupees/Kg

Best Regards,

Sir please send me PM your email id and contact details. will arrange to send quotatiom

Hi there,
Wheat bran is 17.5 rs/kg cotton doc is now 22.5 rs/kg and chunni is also around 18 rs/kg so I dont see the composite price will come at 15 rs per kg.

second thing i never use wheat bran instead i use DORB at the same CP and bypass fat has its own advantage. I use imported from Malaysia, I tried local made but results were poor. I dont use things which has low shelf life. The price fluctuations are huge. I purchase the material for a year. So chunni, wheat bran and rice polish are never in my list.

5 % wheat bran in my current list is added to just blanket the smell of bypass fat.

please send the quotation at mpchemical at rediffmail dot com

Thank you

asked my colleague in cattle feed division to email the offer shortly/

Dear everybody
We do have raw material which is rich in protein 14% can be used instead of doc and the rate is Rs8/kg contact,+917598591798.

Dear Sri Dhayaagrowers,

We are interested and wants to know the product details along with lab certifications and usage permissions.

Will you be able to do. Please give us the details and see that we are benefited.

With best wishes, g.p.Rao, farmer