Caterpillar on Dolichos

Crop: Dolichos / Broad beans/ Chikkudu
Variety: Sarpan Dolichos 3
Date or month when noticed: November 2022
Location: Medak district, Telangana
Climate: Sunny
Possible cause: Helicoverpa armigera

Does not look like a typical Helicoverpa or Spodopera pattern.
Any entomologist has a view please?

It is Helicoverpa. Are you folowing organic farming? If yes, use neem based pesticide. If not, as produce looks near to harvesting, use low cost and low residue/persistance molecule like Chloropyrifos and/or Cypermethrin for control

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Thank you for the id.

At this point, we are assessing the severity/ETL of the pest as to whether a quick manual scouting will do the job.

We do organic farming and have given some preventive bioproduct sprays so far.