Cashew Processing at Home

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I sell raw cashewnuts that are produced in my farm (anywhere from 250-300 kg per year) to a nearby factory at the rate of 55-70 Rs/ kilo. After processing, the factory sells these nuts at 550-700 Rs/ kilo. A ten time increase in value. I know that the processing of cashew is a difficult business and with the high labor involved, the end rates might be justified.

However, as a small farmer, I am thinking if there are machines that can help process this small quantity of cashews at home and probably sell them at a premium. There are shelling machines available at around 1.5 lakh. But I do not know the pre-processing and post-processing after shelling and if there are machines available for that as well.

Anyone here who can guide me? :slight_smile:


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Kindly go through  the following links to have the full details about your de-husking and Processing of your cashewnuts.

Thanks Vasudha Farms. As I mentioned in my post, I even got quotations for shelling machines - ranging from 70,000 to 152,000. My question is - what is the pre-processing and post processing that is required?

  1. Is normal boiling in a cauldron sufficient? Boiling for 15-20 mins and then drying for a day before putting the raw nuts into the shelling machine?
  2. How do we peel the testa (the inner brown peel)? In industries, typically, they heat the nuts to around 200 degree centigrade and then pass air under high pressure to peel the testa and get the finished nut. How can this be done at home or in a small scale industry?

Does anyone have any information on this?


I have some four cashew trees. is there a method by which one can deshell cashew at home and which is not much bothersome.


Depends on how much these trees produce and how much free time you have. :slight_smile: The processing seems to be theoritically simple - boil the raw nuts for 15-30 mins and then leave them for a day. Use a cutter to de-shell the nut (there are various models. manual and automatic), dry roast the nuts for a few mins to loosen brown layer (testa) around the kernel and then roll the kernel between palms to remove the testa.

You have to be careful about not touching the CNSL (the oily liquid that oozes out of the shell). It is corrosive and can cause burns on skin.

So depending on how much nuts the four trees produce, you can think of processing it at home. Typical yield can be anywhere from 2-10 kilos per tree.


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In Andhrapradesh, at Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram, Vetapalem etc. the Farmer s are Frying the cashew  Manually and de-husking the same with small Machines as already informed. On frying brown layer (testa) around the nut will automatically be removed while de-husking the Cashews because of the Frying…

Better Consult the supplier of the Machine about Friyingn and de-husking. They will help you in this Regard sir.