Carrot farming

Last visited couple of carrot farming around hossur area in open land. Found good and decided to test on experimental for quarter acr in agriculture land…looking for some light on the process to get good yield…

We are going to use sprinklers for farming…

Surendar reddy

what a co-incidence…as a matter, i had some free space in my farm, and i am planning to grow carrots too.
got the seeds, searching for the right nursery to get the seeds developed.

meanwhile i am preparing raised beds, and installing drip system for them.

what seeds have you got?


I hope you guys aware of the season. Fungicide is must from the beginning. Carrot is sensitive to powdery mildew.

random idea, but has anyone tried sowing carrot under shade net for earlier planting and out of season production? e.g. if carrot is normally sown in aug / sept in north indian plains, maybe it could be sown in july under shade net?

hey Sri, thanks :slight_smile:

wont be using fungicides, nor any chemicals.
the carrot farming will be all organic. the seeds are not, but rest all will be.

lets see how it goes.


Dear friends,
The growth of our carrots is 1inch width and 4 inch long with same size and less size between 4 and 6 inches…our farm is 55days old and which is located near nalgonda…130km from Hyd…

.few questions…

1 what is the normal size for selling?
2.  Heard that the current market rate is not high, can we wait for some more time?
3.  Where do we normally sell? What is the best approach to get maximum rate?
4 what is the procedure for collecting the carrots from farm and how to transport?

Appreciate for the help…