Capsicum plant- issue

Hi, i am planted 55 Nos capsicum seedlings, Now a days some plants seems very tired. and its leaves shedding
roots and  stumps became lean. please find below the attached Pic and help.

i want to study more about capsicum plant’s Growing, Capsicum Problems, Pests and Diseases.

Midhun Raj PK
Kerala/ cochin

This could be either wilt or nematode issue. you can get ready bio solutions from a company from your state. Name of the company is abtec, google for more details.

The young seedlings of capsicum is wilting due to a disease called Damping off the symptom of which of which shows base of the stem , aptly called collar region with lesion , thinning and weak , turning greyish black and finally wilt and die falling on the ground …The disease is also called collar rot …Some time it is also infected with other fungi called Rhizoctonia causing collar rot …Beyond 40 days old capsicum succumb to early blight …But all these fungus cause almost similar symptom …Only close observation shows small difference between these casual organism ,…what ever it may be you can drench Ridomil solution @ 200 ml around root zone ( 1 ml Ridomil in 1 litre water ) this solution @ 200 ml can be poured around root zone …It controls this kind of fungal disease