Capsicum in Direct sun

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A very gud evenning for every one.I am following this form from a few days. Nice job ADMIN and fellow peopel who are sharing their Opinions and thier real experiances.

I am Techie guy from farmers family.My dream was to get land and do Agriculture.Finally i got  land of Four Acres in my home town Nellore.

I am very intrested to do commercial cultivation.Wana chack with Capsicum or Zerbera Flowers in my first goo. water is not a problem as we got enough water there.Can i go for direct sunlight cultivation? How will be the yeuld differ prom greenhouse cultivation?
Experts please through some light or else guide wher ei cna get some Agricultural ideas from any Govt INstitutes.


Yield will not be good, and in case of gerbera, it is not worth growing in open field. The cost of plant is very high.
Yield in greenhouse is atleast 3 times that of open field, and in addition you get protection from natural events like rain, hot sun, dew etc.
To some extent you are also protected from pests and diseases compared to open cultivation.
The advantages of greenhouse has already been discussed so many times in this forum, you should read and then see what to do.

Good luck.

If you are planning plantation now, March onwards the yield will go down drastically due to heat.
Also mitigating pests and infections will be very difficult.
Farmers go for almost double density plantation and reaping max yield before March in open fields.
But they are only looking at INR 16 per kg returns and not the total profitability of the venture.

If you go for a green HSG kind of plantation, you could get yield even under adverse climate and this gives you much higher rates than INR 16.
So it is wise to go for green house.

Dr. Abhay is right Capsicum needs shade to give you good yield and not only that it is attacked by many insects and diseases. In order to save spending on pesticides, it is advise to go in for green house which will be an one time investment and also you can save the environment and your capsicum. This may be a short term loss but in the long run it is useful.

I can think of  Zero Budget Natural Farming research , development and extension moment.

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When Capsicum is grown in Green house it becomes easy to cultivate as an organic product. It is slightly difficult but can be achieved if good care is taken.

Thanks for all your opinions…i had no idea about Green cultivation will visit soem farms near by banglore and try to learn form farmers and then wll give  tryy…

adding to the above i wipuld like to ask one more query

how much it will coaset me if i am go for green house for 1 acre of my land …half acre for zerbera and half for capsicum …is it advisible to go for 2 crops at the same time?


Under the section crops and cultivation  there is a thorough discussion on growing capsicum in polyhouse.

thanks Doctor

Hi Pavan,
capsicum can be grown in open, good quality, but the produce will be low, and the life also.
reasons have been discussed already.
Also Dr.Abhay has already shared about the practise farmers follow, take maximum production before march, as sun is kind till then.
if you are very strict about the costs, you can plant capsicum in open a bit after the rains start, and when the temperature falls down to about 30-35 degrees. but plz ensure proper drainage of excessive water. so considering this condition in late july or early august, the production will start in october. you can later use the excess money you get from the sales after paying for pesticides/fertilizers/labor etc for a cheap shade net, and cover the plants to decrease the exposure to light (provided you have pillars in between to support the net)
i am sure one can make decent returns against the investment they make.

but if you have means of finance, shadenet house is more advisable considering all the factors like returns on investment, plant life, quality etc.


Thanks Vivek.

Finaacially i am no thtat strong as i took land alreyd on Loan i wana take my fathers lagacy i bought this and intrested in doing farming. We have 6 acres where my father is planning to go for leafy veggies, and floswers and wana try this half an acre for the first time. May start in a month or 2. Will try for shade forming as suggested…how much yeid i may get for half an acre any idea? If luck favors me  ;D