Capsicum cultivation

What’s the best time to grow capsicum in open field in Karnataka

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Dont waste your time with capsicum .

Any bad experience sir


Can you please explain your experience with Capsicum due to which you are recommending not to waste time with Capsicum farming?

This will be helpful to all.

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Also known as green peppers, sweet peppers, etc., peppers are one of the most grown crops in India. It grows best in temperate climates but can grow on almost any kind of soil. Nevertheless, growing peppers have some difficulties. The weather is, of course, an important aspect, but the quality and quantity of the yield, along with the high investment of resources that are mainly encountered with pepper growers across the country. Capsicum Crop is rich in minerals such as vitamin A (8493 IU), vitamin C (283 mg) and calcium (13.4 mg), magnesium (14.9 mg), phosphorus (28.3 mg) potassium, (263.7 mg).

What happened sir any thing bad experiance

Capsicum needs proper weather , too much of insecticides , pesticides , low rates etc . There is an extensive documentation on this site of a capsicum grower who had cultivated in a polyhouse . My suggestion is that capsicum , water melon is simply not feasible .

Go for colour capsicum not green

Capsicum is most bought vegetable in market. One may not get any other vegetable but this will be available. So why it’s not viable??

Does it mean the middlemen are eating all the profits from such high in demand vegetable??